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Why TikTok is both a competitor and an ally for Netflix

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For several years, Netflix has considered TikTok as one of its competitors. In 2020, in a letter addressed to investors, the company mentioned TikTok among its competitors, along with WarnerMedia, Disney, NBCUniversal, and even Apple. “The growth of TikTok is astounding, demonstrating the fluidity of entertainment on the Internet”, we read in this document.

In 2024, Netflix still considers TikTok, as well as YouTube Shorts, as competitors. But he also admits that he benefits from these specialized platforms in the short format. Recently, during a conference call, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos explained that some viewing of short videos on the internet is complementary to SVOD.

Indeed, when a Netflix trailer is published on these platforms, or when a creator expresses their fervor for Netflix content, this makes this content more popular. And that’s a good thing for the streaming platform. Moreover, we recently published a study which indicates that indeed, extracts from films and series published on platforms like TikTok increase the audience for this content on streaming sites.

The war for attention

At the same time, Netflix also explains that certain viewings compete with SVOD, but in the same way as the media who publish their content on YouTube. “The art of this has always been finding the right balance between the two”, Ted Sarandos also said. He also explains that platforms like TikTok have allowed new people to emerge and Netflix is ​​following these people closely.

In any case, it is important to remember that today, Netflix's revenues no longer depend only on the number of subscribers, but also on the time spent by users on the platform. Indeed, SVOD today offers a subscription partly financed by advertising, which generates more money if the user spends more time on the platform. However, if a Netflix subscriber stays on TikTok or YouTube Shorts for too long, they could spend less time on Netflix.

    < li>During a conference call, the co-CEO of Netflix spoke about competition from short video platforms, such as TikTok or YouTube Shorts
  • Netflix admits that its streaming service benefits from trailers published on these platforms, and from creators who talk about its content
  • However, TikTok or YouTube Shorts also continue to be competitors
  • Today, because Netflix has an ad-supported subscription, its revenues can vary depending on the time users spend on its SVOD

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