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Did Bing almost kick Google out of the iPhone?

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  • In 2020, Microsoft would have tried to sell its search engine to Apple, according to Bloomberg
  • These discussions are however not not gone very far
  • And today, Apple believes that Google is the best search engine for its products
  • Microsoft probably has no regrets, since Bing has become the 'one of its best assets in the AI ​​race

In the race for AI, Bing is one of Microsoft's most important assets. Indeed, while Google Search is still content (pending a big update) with old-fashioned searches, Bing already has a chatbot based on GPT-4, the improved version of ChatGPT. But a few years ago, Bing was less important. And in 2020, Microsoft even considered selling its search engine to Apple. If this deal had gone through, Bing would likely have replaced Google as the default search engine on the iPhone.

You may already know this, but if Google is today the undisputed leader in internet search, it is partly because it is offered by default on several browsers, including Apple's. But in 2020, this position of Google would have been threatened, since Microsoft and Apple would have had discussions on a takeover of Bing. At least, that's what an article by journalist Mark Gurman says on Bloomberg.

Citing sources close to the matter, the journalist also indicates that these discussions remained confidential. And they didn't go very far. Of course, this information should be considered with caution.

When Apple praises Google

If Apple and Google are competitors in smartphones, the two groups are also partners. Indeed, if Google Search is offered by default on the iPhone, it is because the two groups have an agreement. And currently, these contracts between the search engine and browser suppliers (including Apple and Mozilla) are being scrutinized by the American justice system, as part of a megatrial which could have major impacts on the economic model of the Mountain firm View.

Recently, Eddy Cue, Apple's vice president of services, testified. And he explained that there “certainly was no valid alternative to turn to.”And apparently, despite the rivalry between Apple and Google, the firm is still not not interested in replacing Google Search with an alternative.

As a CNBC article reports, Apple has long “oscillated” between Bing and Google Search. But in 2017, the Cupertino company switched to Google for searches.

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