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DIRECT. 2024 Olympic draw: which opponents for the Blues for the football tournaments ?

À From 8 p.m., the two French selections led by Thierry Henry and Hervé Renard will meet their first opponents during the Olympic football tournament at the 2024 Olympic Games. Follow the draw live.

19:35 – The format of the women's tournament

In the women's tournament, twelve selections are divided into three groups of four teams. The first two nations from each group are qualified. They advance to the quarter-finals and the two best third-placed teams also move on to the next phase. Direct elimination. The selections face each other until the end of the day. the final and the small final, opposing the two defeated countries in the last square. 

19:30 – The hats of the women's Olympic tournament

Here are the four hats of the women's football tournament of the 2024 Olympics: 

  • Hat #1: France, Spain, &United States
  • Hat #2: Germany, Japan, Canada
  • Hat #3: Brazil, Australia, Colombia
  • Hats off #4: New Zealand, two qualifiers from the Africa zone

19:25 – Ten qualified female selections

In the women's tournament, ten selections out of twelve participants are already ready. known:  

  • France
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • &United States
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Australia 
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Canada

19:20 – The format of the men's tournament

In the men's tournament, sixteen qualified nations are divided into four groups of four teams. After the group stage matches, both The first of each group are qualified for the phase à Direct elimination. The selections face each other until the end of the day. the final and the small final, opposing the two losers in the last square. 

19:15 – The hats of men's tournament

The group draw is carried out thanks to à hats. Here is the identity of hats from the men's football tournament at the 2024 Olympics:  

  • Hat #1: France, Argentina, two qualifiers from the Asia zone< /li>
  • Hat #2: Spain, New Zealand, Paraguay, Morocco
  • Hat #3: ÉUnited States, &Egypt, Mali, a country in the Asia zone
  • Hat n°4: Dominican Republic, Israelël, Ukraine, the winner of the play-off between Guinea é a nation in the Asia zone

19:10 – The qualified men's teams

In the men's football tournament at the 2024 Olympics, 16 teams are competing for the Olympic title. At the moment, 12 teams are already competing. known:  

  • France
  • Spain
  • Israël
  • Ukraine
  • Morocco
  • &Egypt
  • Mali
  • Dominican Republic
  • &United States
  • Paraguay
  • Argentina
  • New Zealand

19:05 – On which channel to watch the draw ?

< p>The draw will be broadcast on the antennas of France 3FIFA+ and FIFA.com will retransmit &eacute ;also the draw in streaming. Fabien Lévêwill present the ceremony. He will be accompaniedé FIFA Director of Competitions Jaime Yarza and Director of Women's Football Sarai Bareman. Former Argentina international Javier Saviola will be in charge of the squad. to make the draw in the company of former Canada goalkeeper Stephanie Labb&eac;, former Ivory Coast international Didier Drogba and French legend &ccedil ;comfortable with athletics Marie-José Pérec.

Good evening à everyone and welcome to the live draw of the football tournaments at the 2024 Olympic Games. Start of the draw in one hour.

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