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2024 Olympics draw: the Blues inherit an affordable draw for football tournaments!

This evening, the two French selections led by Thierry Henry and Hervé Fox have inherited of an affordable draw for the 2024 Olympics. The Blues will face the ÉUnited States, the winner of the AFC 4 intercontinental play-off – Guinea and New Zealand while the French players will be pitted against France. Colombia, Canada and à New Zealand.

Here is the Blue schedule for the 2024 Olympics:  

  • France – Colombia, July 25 at the Lyon Olympic Park à Lyon
  • France – Canada, July 28 at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard in Saint-Étienne
  • France – New Zealand, July 31 at the Lyon Olympic Park & Lyon

While the draw is over, here is the schedule for the French men's team for the 2024 Olympics:& nbsp;

  • France – ÉUnited States, July 24 at the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille
  • France – Guinée or qualifiedé Asia, Saturday July 27 à Nice.
  • France – New Zealand, July 30 at the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille 

21:11 – Fox: "Focus on the first round"

< p>Hervé Renard at the microphone of Fabien Lévêque: "When we see the names of the teams participating in This women's tournament is at a very high level. For now, we must focus on this first round. All matches will be difficult. Let's focus on the essentials and we'll see later."

The composition of the groups for the Olympic women's football tournament 2024 is known:  

  • Group A: France, Colombia, Canada, New Zealand
  • Group B: United States, CAF 2, Germany, Australia
  • Group C: Spain, Japan, CAF 1, Brazil

21:07 – Affordable draw for the Blues

Colombia, Canada and New Zealand, here are the opponents of the French women's team for the 2024 Olympics. 

21:04 – Two groups of death

Before the last hat is drawn, pools B and C make up two groups of death for the moment:  

  • Group B: USA, Germany, Australia
  • Group C: Spain, Japan, Brazil

After Canada, the Blues have their second opponent at the 2024 Olympics. They will face Colombia on Thursday July 25 at the start of the tournament. Lyon.

21:01 – Japan in the pool C

L&apos ;Spain and Japan will face off on the first day of Pool C. Place in the third hat.

Stéphanie Labbé shot Canada is to be drawn. The Blues will face the Canadians for their second match.

20:58 – Germany with the United States

In this very tough women's tournament, Germany and the Americans will come out on top. face in the shock of Pool B.

20:57 – The United States in Pool B

Shock potential for the Blues who could face the United States in the quarter-final. The Americans are in group B.

20:57 – The Spanish in the last group

Spain is the last nation in the first hat & to be drawn at random. Alexia Putellas and her compatriots will be in the last group.

As for the men's tournament, the French women's team will appear in the first hen.

20:52 – Drogba: "A very nice atmosphere at the V&eacute ;lodrome"

Didier Drogba at Fabien Lévêque's microphone: "I think it's going to be a very nice atmosphere. This will be an opportunity for several teams to discover football at home. the Marseillaise. Carrying the Olympic flame was a real honor for me who did not have the chance to compete in the Olympics

After the men, it’s time for the ladies. Hervé Renard and his players will know their opponents at the 2024 Olympics. Two legends of world football, Canadian goalkeeper Stéphanie Labbé and Ivorian striker Didier Drogba will make the draw. Here are the hats: 

  • Hat 1: France, Spain, United States
  • Hat 2: Germany, Japan, Canada
  • Hat 3: Brazil, Australia, Colombia
  • Hat 4: New Zealand, CAF 1, CAF 2

We know the composition of the groups for the men's football tournament at the 2024 Olympics:  

  • Group A: France, ÉUnited States, Guinea Dam VS AFC, New Zealandé heath
  • Group B: Argentina, Morocco, AFC 3, Ukraine
  • Group C: AFC 2, Spain, Egypt, Dominican Republic
  • Group D:  AFC 1, Paraguay, Mali, Israel

20:43 – Ukraine in the group of death

L& Ukraine has just been drawn into Group B with Argentina, Morocco and an Asian nation.

Affordable draw for the French team! After New Zealand, the United States, the winner of the play-off between an Asian nation and Guinea will be the second opponent for Thierry Henry's players.

20:40 – Mali shot last

Mali is the last nation in the third hat è to be drawn at random. She joins group D.

After New Zealand, the Blues know their second opponent that they will face the United States on July 24.

20:38 – L'& ;Egypt with Spain

Egypt joins Spain and the second Asian nation to qualify ;e in Group C of the men's tournament.

20:37 – An Asian nation in Group B

After Argentina and Morocco, the third Asian nation joins pool B.

20:36 – Spain and Paraguay in pools C and D

Spain will face the second place directly. Asian nation in Group C, while Paraguay will be opposed to the Asian nation in Group C. &agrav; the first Asian nation. 

20:33 – Morocco-Argentina entry shock

In groups, football fans will have the right à a shock entry into Group B between Argentina and Morocco.

First selection from the second hat & To be drawn, New Zealand will be in the Blues group. This will be the last poster for Thierry Henry's players in the pool.


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