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Winnings at Roland Garros in 2024: the amount of prize money and new bonuses revealed

“Winnings at Roland Garros in 2024: the amount of prize money and the new bonuses revealed”

WIN ROLAND GARROS. The organization of the tournament revealed the new prize money. In 2024, there is an increase of 7.82% across all tables.

The organization of the tournament revealed this Thursday, April 25 à On the occasion of a press conference on the organization of the tournament, the prize money for this 2024 edition of the Roland-Garros tournament. Once again, the latter has increased overall. With an endowment of 53.478 million euros, the prize money increases by 7.8% compared to the previous year. last year. Thus, the winner of this edition will receive 2.4 million euros for their victory, or 100,000 more than last year. The bonus for a defeat in the first round also increases from 69 to 100%. 73 thousand euros. Overall, the allocation increases à all levels, plus 13,000 € for a defeat in the second round, sixteen thousand euros more in the third round, etc. 

But it is at the qualifying level that the tournament organization wanted to concentrate its financial efforts. Thus, the envelope dedicated to the qualifiers, which will be held the week preceding the grand slam tournament, from May 20 to 24, has increased. ; by almost 25% (24.65% exactly). Joining the Roland Garros qualifying table thus ensures a bonus of €20,000, in the event of a defeat in the first round. The wheelchair tennis table also saw its allocation increase by 6.6%.

How much does a ball boy earn?

Winnings at Roland Garros in 2024: the amount of prize money and new bonuses revealed

It's not difficult to guess who wins the most in this photo.. © Linternaute.vom

A picker hits… a lot of balls but no compensation. The young people (they are all between 14 and 17 years old) are rewarded, however, by their sponsor Adidas. In particular, they keep their equipment. And if they don't have seats offered in the stands for big matches, they sometimes benefit from access to the edge from the court to attend the matches.

How much do referees earn ?

The linesmen are all volunteers. They receive compensation daily allowance of an amount less than 150 euros. Almost all chair umpires are professional. They generally have a fixed-term contract. per week or for the entirety of the tournament. The FFT does not wish to communicate on these figures.

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