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Marseille – Nice: a draw which does not suit OM, the summary of the match

Reduced to 10, Olympique de Marseille knew how to ignore the circumstances to obtain a draw against Nice and could even have won if Aubameyang had not seen his shot hit the crossbar in added time (2-2 ).

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Marseille – Nice: a draw which does not suit OM, the summary of the match

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Marseille – Nice: a draw which does not suit OM, the summary of the match

Everything could have been very different. We were in added time and delivered. &agrav; himself, Aubameyang summoned uses his last strength to make his way between Rosario and Dante and challenge Bulka. Its sharpness It was a good idea but his ball landed on the Nice crossbar. Within a few centimeters, the Gabonese could have new to be famous by a Vélodrome once again frustratedé in Ligue 1. Without this goal, OM must settle for a draw against Nice and remain at a standstill in the elite, remaining é ;agrave; 8th place, à equality with Lyon.

However, the men Jean-Louis Gasset showed heart to force the decision and recover from the harsh expulsion of Moumbagna just before the break for a second ;me yellow card. Before this act of play there was the daring volley of Clauss, which marked his return to the world. competition in a more beautiful way. Then upon returning from the locker room, the referee seemed to compensate by awarding a more than generous penalty to Balerdi, whose foot was kicked. écrushedé by Cho, caught up in the momentum of his release. The images may have shown that the Niçois had touchedé the ball first before hitting the Argentinian, Mr. Pignard did not change his mind and allowed the ball to pass. Aubameyang to give his team the advantage.

Marseille had the courage not to close the game and to continue à believing in it in the wake of a Veretout on all fronts but tired, they retreated and ended up being punished. On a returned ball in the axis by the head of Murillo, Bard curled just enough a volley from the left to the right. level to put it out of reach of Pau Lopez, who was nevertheless decisive in the first period against the opposition. Sanson, and equalize. The last moments were Marseille but neither Ndiaye who on his first ball found himself à play a face-to-face duel Bulka, impeccable on the action, nor Aubameyang managed to achieve the goal. relieve OM. A draw which does not suit Gasset and his team more than ever depends on their progress in the Europa League to hope to see Europe next season; but not Nice either. Indeed, the Azuréens were unable to take advantage of the defeat of Lille ' Monaco and are four lengths behind the Northerners, fourth and occupying the last seat towards the Champions League. An evening where everyone has condemned themselves; standing still.

23:15 – Nice wins, Marseille stalls

In the standings, the draw between Marseille and Nice doesn't help anyone. Indeed, if the Marseillais move up a rank and move to 8th in front of Lyon à the goal difference, they remain at 5 long from Lens, 6th. For their part, the Azuréens miss the opportunity to catch up with the leading quartet and find themselves left behind. 4 units from Lille, although beaten this evening at Monaco.

23:05 – Clauss's reaction

"We had the opportunities to kill them, despiteé the fact that we are &agrav; 10. We've seen guys who didn't give up anything. We fought hard, we gave everything. In this match, we made 2-2, we could have won 3-2. It's frustrating but the most frustrating thing is that we're not moving forward", explained' at the microphone of Canal+Foot Jonathan Clauss, author of his first goal at the V&eac;lodrome on his return from injury.

At the end of a disputed match, After many adventures, Olympique de Marseille was caught by Nice at the Vélodrome (2-2). Reduced & 10, the Marseillais benefited from their victory. received a generous penalty at the start of the second period but did not succeed in winning the match. hold their advantage, giving in to a nice strike from outside the area by Bard. Aubameyang could have snatched the victory in added time but his ball was stolen. ended up on the transversal.

What action for Olympique de Marseille in the heart of added time. Alone against four Niçois defenders, Aubameyang takes his chance from the sideé straight, crashes and passes between Dante and Rosario to find the path leading à the surface. Face &agrav; Bulka, the Gabonese stares at the Niçois goalkeeper and spikes his ball which bounces off the crossbar.

22:52 – Dante d& oacute;gages the Marseille free kick

Side left &agrav; 30 m, Garcia rolls his free kick into the heart of the area where ù only two of his partners came to position themselves. Result, it is Dante who is at home. reception and release of the head.

22:51 – Additional time: 5 minutes

The refereeing body grants five minutes of additional time in this second period between OM and Nice.

22:50 – Gasset empties his bench

In the 90th minute, the Marseille technician begins à his last two changes, replacing his midfielders Veretout and Kondogbia with Ounahi and Onana.

22:49 – Marseille falls back

The Marseillais retreated further and further on the field and were cornered in their last 30 meters. On a cross from Laborde, coming from the left, Kondogbia deflects with a header. The Ball passes à side from Pau Lopez's goal and goes out for a corner.

22:48 – Thuram slaloms through the defense

Thuram carries the ball and launches into a slalom in the heart of the Marseille defense. If he breaks the middle line, he pushes his ball too much, wanting to get around the ball. Balerdi in the area and concedes a goal kick.

22:43 – The Niçois lose themselves on the counter

After a good exchange with Laborde in the central circle, Guessand leads a 5 against 2 situation. He sees two partners at the same time. his left but his pass is a little long. Boga catches it and dives back to take his chance alone. His left shot is blocked; and returns to Claude-Maurice, who does not see his partner in the axis, and strikes above.

22:43 – Entry of Claude-Maurice

Farioli continues his coaching and 10 minutes from the end of regular time sends Claude-Maurice onto the field. Cho's place.

Hardly entered; in play, Ndiaye is senté in the depth after a one-two with Aubameyang and presents himself alone against each other. Bulka. Slightly offset on the right, the Senegalese strikes hard level with the ground and Bulka makes the save.

22:39 – Laborde doesn't fit

On a corner hit rolled up from the right by Boga, Laborde beats Pau Lopez at the near post but does not knock down the ball which passes well above.

22:37 – Boga in the wall

On his ball catch à 28 m, Boudaoui goes in the right direction but is knocked to the ground by Murillo's late charge. Behind, Boga takes responsibility but sends the ball into the wall. Great missed opportunity.

22:35 – Boga imprécis

Boga works on the Marseille defense left and gets into position to cross but his ball is sent away. in an area where no teammate shows up.

On a cross from the left, Murillo headed the right axis towards Bard. At 20 m, the French side doesn't ask any questions and hits the ball as it comes from the inside of the left. His cross shot is out of reach of Pau Lopez and is lodged in the small net.

22:29 – A center too long

Côt&eacute ; right, Cho rolls in a center from the left but it is too supportedé so that Boudaoui can claim to take it back. Pau Lopez delights in it and captures it in the air.

22:28 – Harit grimacing and hurting ;eacute;

Just released, Harit indicatedé that his left ankle had turned. The Moroccan international was asked ice on his joint.

22:25 – Double change for Nice

Following in the footsteps of Gasset, Farioli also made a change with the entries of Boudaoui and Laborde, the place of Mendy and Sanson.

22:24 – Double change for Marseille

In the 64th minute of play, Gasset proceeded to attack. two changes with the departures of striker Clauss, returning from injury, and Harit. They are replaced by Murillo and Gueye.

22:22 – Cho gets nothing

Side right, Cho tries to pass with the ball but he is closed in the lane by Luis Henrique. The Niçois goes to the ground and thinks he gets a foul but the referee doesn't whistle anything.

22:21 – Yellow card for Sanson

At the hour mark, Veretout brings out the ball for OM and is chased by Sanson who holds him back by surrounding him. The French midfielder receives a warning.

22:19 – Thuram very close to putting his head in

Côté right, Sanson fixes his defender well and curls a cross from the left into the Marseille area. Thuram arrives from a distance and passes Clauss but is too short to cut the trajectory with his head.

22:18 – Moffi comes out

Just after the Marseille goal, Farioli decides to recall his striker Moffi to the bench to start Guessand.


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