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DIRECT. Giro 2024: Ganna takes his revenge on Pogacar after an exceptional time, the summary

Filippo Ganna, beaten by Tadej Pogacar during the first time trial of this 2024 Giro, took his revenge on the second by beating the Slovenian. In the general classification, the pink jersey is still a little further ahead of its pursuers.

The essentials

  • Filippo Ganna crushedé competition in this 31.4km time trial between Castiglione delle Stiviere and Desenzano del Garda. He beat Tadej Pogacar who was unable to do anything.
  • In the general ranking, Tadej Pogacar further increases his lead with 3'41" ahead of Geraint Thomas who takes his place as runner-up in favor of Daniel Felipe Martinez. 
  • This Sunday, place à the queen test of this Giro 2024, with 222km in the mountains and a steep climb. total of 5400m between Manerba del Garda and Livigno. 


Filippo Ganna takes his revenge on Tadej Pogacar and wins the second time trial of this Giro 2024. The first à setting the pace for this time is the Czech Josef Cerny. The latter starts in third and swallows up the two riders who started in front of him before recording the first big time with 36'58". But very quickly, the temporary leaders follow one another, Walscheid, Hoole, Affini and Foss very quickly do better. It was without counting on the Filippo Ganna bomb. The double world champion in the discipline finished with 1'26" ahead of Tobias Foss who had taken provisional leadership for only a few minutes. And while Magnus Sheffield seemed to be in a position to seize ' the second provisional position, the American will fall to 100%. a few kilometers from the finish. The last &agrav; to be able to worry Ganna, it's then Pogacar who starts very strongly. The pink jersey goes ahead in the first intermediate but its lead will finally disappear in the second and this will be confirmed later on. upon arrival. Tadej Pogacar finally ends up à 29" behind the impressive Filippo Ganna. In the general ranking, the Slovenian further increases his lead over his new runner-up Geraint Thomas who has 3'41" late. 

17:30 – Ganna's words

"I suffered a lot today. In the sprint you know straight away if you have won. but there I had to to wait for. “It's a particularly moving moment because here it's like my second home,” said the president. Filippo Ganna after his victory on the 14th stage of the Giro 2024. 

17:25 – 3 '41" in advance for Pogacar!

Tadej Pogacar did not impose himself on this 14th stage of the Giro 2024 but increases despite all his lead over his new runner-up Geraint Thomas. He is now 3'41" ahead of the Briton. Daniel Felipe Martinez slides à 3rd place. 

This 14th stage of the Giro 2024 is finished with the late passage of Tadej Pogacar who is, despite everything, the only &agrav; finish below the minute delay. 

17:16 – Martinez passé by Thomas

The now ex-runner-up of Tadej Pogacar puts an end to this time and ends up at the same time. 1'45" by Filippo Ganna. Geraint Thomas recovers his second place in this Giro 2024. 

17:12 – Thomas à provisional 3rd place!

The Briton takes provisional third place behind his two teammates in this 14th stage of the Giro 2024. Tadej Pogacar could upset the supremacy of Ineos in this race by depriving them of a hat-trick. 

17:11 – The fifth place for O'Connor

The leader of the Décathlon team finishes at provisional 5th place in this 14th stage of the Giro 2024. 

17:10 – Pogacar late! (8km)

The Slovenian lost time between the two intermediate stages of this 14th stage of the Giro 2024 and lost ;eacute;now 10" behind Ganna who is breathing a little better. 

17:07 – Tiberi's excellent time

The Italian finished just off the provisional podium with 1'19" delay. Antonio Tiberi should do an excellent job in the general classification of this Giro 2024. 

17:06 – Romain Bardet à provisional 35th place

The Frenchman finishes à 3'24" by Filippo Ganna à provisional 35th place in this 14th stage of the Giro 2024. 

17:04 – Thomas moves to second ;intermediate (8km)

The British is in Arensman's time at the second intermediate of this 14th ;stage of the Giro 2024 with 47" behind Filippo Ganna. 

17:00 – What suspense! (17km)

On the GPS gap, Tadej Pogacar still has a one second lead over the impressive Filippo Ganna who watches the performance of the pink jersey of the Giro 2024 with eyesight. ;concern. 

16:57 – Rubio is far away, Baudin takes advantage!

The Colombian finishes à provisional 39th place in this 14th stage of the Giro 2024. He is relegated to &agrav; 4'06" de Ganna and sees Alex Baudin pass him in front of him overall. The Frenchman should even enter the top 10 this evening. 

16:53 – Pogacar faster than Ganna!! (23km)

At the first intermediate, Filippo Ganna sees Tadej Pogacar ahead of him by 4". Incredible, the suspense is complete in this second time trial of this Giro 2024. 

16:52 – Arensman provisionally 2nd !

The Dutchman finishes at 1'07" of his teammate Filippo Ganna and provisionally takes second place in this 14th stage of the Giro 2024. 

16:48 – Thomas better than Martinez (21km)

À the time when we speak, Geraint Thomas provisionally resumes 17" on Daniel Felipe Martinez. 

16:46 – Filippo Ganna distrustful

The provisional leader of this 14th stage of the Giro 2024 remains wary because he knows that Tadej Pogacar is capable of anything. "It's hard to do more than what I've done. Everything is possible these days so I'll just believe fingers and wait”, assuredé Filippo Ganna. 

16:44 – Arensman 3rd in intermediate second (8km)

The Dutchman has just moved into the second intermediate stage of this time trial with 47" behind Filippo Ganna. Thymen Arensman is still in the running for a podium in this 14th stage of the Giro 2024. 

The last rider of this 14th &eacute ;stage of the Giro 2024 launches à the continuation of Filippo Ganna's impressive time. Will the leader in the general classification have the legs to beat the rest of the world? again the world champion of the discipline ?

16:40 – Martinez's turn (31.4km)

After Geraint Thomas, Daniel Felipe Martinez launches into the second time trial of this Giro 2024. 

16:38 – Bardet à 39″ (23km)

At the first intermediate the Frenchman passes with 39" behind Ganna or in the same second as Fortunato with whom he is competing for the general classification in this Giro 2024. 

16:37 – Let's go to Thomas (31.4km)

We enter the top 3 in the general classification of this Giro 2024. Geraint Thomas has just started the 31.4km time trial. 

16:32 – Tiberi takes risks (29km)

The Italian started very strongly in this 14th stage of the Giro 2024. He takes all the risks in the turns. 

16:27 – Romain Bardet leaves (31.4km)

The first Frenchman in the genén& eacute;ral set off in this time trial. 6th in the standings for this 2024 Giro, Romain Bardet certainly hopes to stay at the top of the rankings. this place à the end of this day. 

16:25 – A good first intermediary for Arensman (23km)

Good start to the time trial from the Ineos rider who passes with 11" behind his teammate and provisional leader of this 14th stage of the Giro 2024, Filippo Ganna. 


The Giro classification

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The Giro d'Italia will follow the spring season and depart on May 4. The finish is scheduled for three weeks later, &agrav; know May 26. 

The start of the Giro 2024 took place at Venaria Reale in the suburbs of Turin, near the Juventus Stadium. Arrival will be at Rome. Here is the list of steps:

  • 12th stage, May 16: Martinsicuro-Fano, 183km
  • 13th stage, May 17: Riccione-Cento, 179km
  • 14th stage, May 18: Castiglione delle Stiviere-Desenzano del Garda, 31km (time trial)
  • 15th stage, May 19: Manerba del Garda-Livigno (Mottolino), 220km
  • Day of rest, May 20
  • 16th stage, May 21: Livigno-Santa Cristina Val Gardena (Monte Pana), 202km
  • 17th stage, May 22: Selva di Val Gardena-col Brocon, 154km
  • 18th stage, May 23: Fiera di Primiero-Padua, 166km
  • 19th stage, May 24: Mortegliano-Cima Sappada, 154km
  • 20th stage, May 25: Alpago-Bassano del Grappa, 175km
  • 21st stage, May 26: Rome-Rome, 126km

Here is the route map for this Giro 2024:

DIRECT. Giro 2024: Ganna takes his revenge on Pogacar after an exceptional time, the summary

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