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Montpellier – Toulouse: the final phases in hand for the Toulouse residents!

Victorious à Montpellier (22-29) this Saturday afternoon as part of the 24th day of Top 14, Stade Toulousain won the match. his qualification for the final stages. A successful performance for Stade Toulousain à one week until the Champions Cup final!

Montpellier – Toulouse: the final phases in hand for the Toulouse residents!

Montpellier 22: 29

Montpellier – Toulouse: the final phases in hand for the Toulouse residents!

END OF LIVE! After this great victory à Montpellier, all Toulouse minds are now focused on the Champions Cup final where Ugo Mola's players will face the Irish ogre of Leinster.

17:20 – The summary& oacute; of the match

Two very different halves! Face &agrav; a very reworked Stade Toulousain, Montpellier was condemned. &agrav; the feat this afternoon to try to maintain. After a very lively first half where it was a lively first half. the tests followed one another (seven in total), the first act concluded with a thunderous return of the MHR, returning to four points (22-26). When we returned from the locker room, the music was not the same at GGL Stadium. Only a penalty was é included in a second act as lively but without a clear opportunity for testing despite the one test refused. For a tripped foot annihilating a Montpellier action, winger Bituniyata left its partners &agrav; fourteen for ten minutes. With this defeat, Léo Coly and his partners are moving a little further towards the dams. Opposite scenario for the Toulouse residents who get their ticket to the final stages of Top 14.

17:15 – Youth triumphs

Ugo Mola had taken the gamble of shaking up his squad à one week before the Champions Cup final against Leinster. With a very young and very revamped XV, Stade Toulousain imposed itself on the competition. against Montpellier.

17:10 – Two halves at the antipodes

Apr& It was a disjointed first act with no less than seven tries, only one penalty. was é registered in the second period.

17:05 – The MHR in waiting

Beaten à home this afternoon, the MHR must now wait for the result from Lyon and Aviron Bayonnais. If both teams win, Patrice Collazo's players will have to go through the play-offs to maintain their position.

17: 00 – The final phases in your pocket!

Thanks to this à his victory on the road this afternoon – Montpellier, Stade Toulousain has just validated its qualification for the final phases! 

Cruel defeat for Montpellier this afternoon ! The MHR lost by seven points (22-29) against Stade Toulousain who qualified for the Top 14 finals.

16:53 – Retière's interception!

On a Montpellier game launch, Arthur Retiére She is inspired. He makes a valuable interception.

16:53 – No sanction

After watching the video, Adrien Marbot does not whistle for a penalty. There are thirty seconds left à argue with a mixed MHR introduction in the Toulouse camp.

16:53 – The siren!

While the crowd has collapsed, the siren sounds & ;agrave; Montpellier!

16:50 – Second yellow card for Bituniyata ?

The MHR gains an advantage after a tackle from Bituniyata à shoulder on Ngandebe. New video arbitration in progress.

16:49 – Two minutes

Two minutes left à argue before the siren.

16:48 – Toulouse à the attack

In the last minutes, the Toulouse people get back to the attack the attack, exposing himself to the Montpellier counterattacks.

16:47 – Fa'asalele leaves< /h3>

In the last five minutes, Captain Fa&asalele leaves to make way for the team. Brennan, back.

16:44 – Ball recoveredé !

In scrum, the two packs turn and Doumenc recovers the ball, just entered ; &agrav; Nouchi's place.

16:42 – What action!

From a camp à another, the players went blow for blow. After a snatch, Bituniyata clears as far as he can but the ball arrives in the hands of Serfontein who restarts his camp along the right touchline. After several passes after contact, Reinach recovers and goes to flatten but Adrien Marbot whistles. a forward.

16:41 – Retière à the mêlée

After Nouchi's scratch, Arthur Retière replaces Baptiste Germain.

16:41 – Nouchi précieux

After a breakthrough e from Delibes, the ball comes out quickly for Capuozzo but Leni Nouchi scratches the ball. The efforts of the Montpellier captain are rewarded.

16:40 – Bituniyata returns< /h3>

While Reinach replaced Coly, Bituniyata made his return to the pitch after his yellow card.

16:39 – From a camp &agrave ; another

While there are ten minutes left & play, the match gets carried away. Adrien Marbot sanctions the Toulouse residents for a bad scrape. Ngandebe plays quickly and breaks tackles to get to the opposing 22 meters. It was finally taken back before the MHR players were sanctioned.

16:36 – Delibes à the lookout

Coly tries the kick to put pressure in the opposing 22 meters but Dimitri Delibes escapes and restarts & agrave; the hand. 

By passing this penalty, Baptiste Germain pushes back the MHR   a transformed essay departure

16:32 – New penalty

As we enter money time, Toulouse change their offensive plan and take the points after a new indiscipline from Montpellier. 

16:30 – Last twenty minutes of play

We arrive in the last twenty minutes of this meeting. While Boubila replaced Cramont on the first line for Toulouse.

16:29 – Capuozzo blames himself!

After a very long pass, Ange Capuozzo intercepts the ball and pushes with his foot but ends up in touch. The winger pushed back. danger thanks to à his interception.


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