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DIRECT. Monte Carlo Masters 1000: first one-sided set between Ruud and Tsitsipas, follow the final!

Face &agrav; Casper Ruud, Stefanos Tsitsipas took place in this first round (1-6) of the final of the Masters 1000 in Monte-Carlo. Titled in 2021 and 2022 on the Rock, the Greek is aiming for a third coronation in the Principality. Follow the match live.

16:40 – Beautiful people in the stands

For this final of the Monte-Carlo Masters 1000, the driver Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc is present in the stands, as are Francesco Totti and tennis legend Boris Becker.

16:38 – New missed opportunities (1-6, 3-4)

0/8 today for Casper Ruud on break points. The Norwegian cannot manage to achieve his goals. take the service of Stefanos Tsitsipas who comes out after a long put-in. two games from his third title on the Rock.

16:34 – What a point!

After a diagonal exchange, Tsitsipas makes a superb backhand drop shot. Ruud puts it back as best he can before the Greek lobs him. The Norwegian tweets and the world number 12's smash goes out of bounds. Fifth break point for Casper Ruud in this second round.

16:32 – Bad tactical choice

After a climb to the net from Tsitsipas, Ruud defends well with a very long throw. The Greek tries the forehand lifté before going to the net but the Norwegian had seen everything and passed his opponent who was too short to adjust his forehand.

16 :29 – Tsitsipas in control

After a superb return – passing sequence, Casper Ruud has a new break point but Stefanos Tsitsipas plays the important points better. 

16:24 – Ruud does not give up (1-6, 3-3)

Casper Ruud did not stop by far from the definitive KO. The Norwegian ruled out a break point for Tsitsipas who sees his opponent return à 3-3 after a wooden forehand.

16:23 – What a half volley!

Superb half-volley forehand from Casper Ruud who pushes away this break point.

16:22 – Ruud on the defense

While leading 40-15, Casper Ruud had to put away a break point after two unforced errors and a superb return from Tsitsipas.

16:16 – Tsitsipas controls (1-6, 2-3)

Stefanos Tsitsipas takes advantage of a new unforced error on the right side of Casper Ruud and continues his excellent performance today ;apos;today.

16:15 – Ruud adjusts

While Stefanos Tsitsipas continues serving volleys, Casper Ruud has seen it all and produces a superb passing pass.

16:14 – Ruud resists (1-6, 2-2)

More offensive and more regular, Casper Ruud made fewer direct errors than in the first round. This allows him to stay in contact with Stefanos Tsitsipas, irresistible since the start of this final.

16:09 – Tsitsipas in management (1-6, 1-2)

Stefanos Tsitsipas saves a new break point on his put in before maintaining the advantage gr& ;acirc;ce &agrav; two serve-volleys. Since the start of this final, the 12th in the world has managed the important points better than his Norwegian opponent.

16:07 – Ruud cracks

On his second break point of the second set, Casper Ruud forces to make the difference but his forehand goes out behind the baseline.

16:01 – Ruud answers him (1-6, 1-1)

In difficulty& oacute; since the start of this final, Casper Ruud remains solid on his throw-in and returns to the lead. 1-1. This is the first game won by the Norwegian since his first start.

15:56 – Tsitsipas continues (1-6, 0 -1)

Seventh consecutive game for Tsitsipas. The Greek attempts a last serve-volley in a second ball that pushes Ruud à force his return and leave à the fault. 

After a double fault from Casper Ruud, Stefanos Tsitsipas takes the Norwegian's service for the third time in this final! The Greek wins this first round & one way (1-6) in 36 minutes.

15:48 – Ruud is lost

On the Rainier III court, Casper Ruud cannot reach the goal. develop his game plan. The Norwegian faces a tough challenge. the success of Tsitsipas, while committing unusual direct errors. Second set point for the Greek!

15:45 – Tsitsipas flies away (1-5)

What a final from Stefanos Tsitsipas until'à present. The Greek unfolds face to face. Casper Ruud, harassed and put in difficulty by the huge shots of the 12th in the world.

15:37 – Double break (1-4)

Since the start of this final, Casper Ruud has committed eight unforced errors on the forehand, the last of which, synonymous with a double break for Stefanos Tsitsipas who flies to the score in this first ;re inche.

15:32 – Tsitsipas comes out (1-3)

Stefanos Tsitsipas holds on. The Greek saves three break points and confirms his break in advance. On his forehand, the 12th in the world often puts Casper Ruud in danger.

On his third break point, Stefanos Tsitsipas seizes the opportunity& oacute; and crosses his forehand, leaving Casper Ruud à a few meters from the ball. Greek is the first à take his opponent's service.

15:22 – Ruud saves the first opportunity

Serious start to the match from Stefanos Tsitsipas who grants himself three break points. The first is saved by the Norwegian.

15:20 – What a volley !

After a superb falling forehand, Stefanos Tsitsipas decenters his smash. Ruud shoots a passing shot full center into the feet of the Greek who bends down well to make a nice forehand volley.

15: 19 – White game for Tsitsipas (1-1)

Superb start for Stefanos Tsitsipas who concludes his game with a new forehand believe. 

15:18 – Tsitsipas takes the ascendancy

Around his powerful forehand, Stefanos Tsitsipas takes Casper Ruud on the Rainier III court.


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