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DIRECT. New Caledonia: Macron under pressure, towards a historic agreement ?

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron is on his way to New Caledonia to renew dialogue and try to restore order. On site, the authorities say that the situation is "calmer" since last night. The latest information.

The essentials

  • Emmanuel Macron is on his way to New Caledonia, accompanied by of the Minister of the Interior and the Armed Forces. He should land on the island very early, Thursday morning (French time), to set up “a mission”. He should speak on the reconstruction and the political follow-up given on site after the riots.
  • À Nouméa, Tuesday night at Wednesday wasé "calmer than the previous one despite the noise. two fires" announces the High Commissioner of the Republic. On the other hand, the situation remains precarious and certain entire neighborhoods are still almost inaccessible, prey to rioters.
  • A cyberattack of unprecedented force hit New Caledonia on Tuesday then moved on to New Caledonia on Tuesday. stopped indicated the Caledonian government.
  • This Wednesday, the first evacuations took place. around a hundred tourists were there; evacuated from New Caledonia thanks to flights chartered by their authorities. 
  • Since the start of the riots, six people have died. A man died after trying to kill him. to pass a roadblock, Saturday May 18. The other victims are three Kanak civilians and two gendarmes, one of the members of the police was killed. victim of an "accidental shooting" from one of his colleagues.


09:20 – Raphaël Glucksmann invites Emmanuel Macron à "push back" the reform

Head of the list for the Socialist Party in the European elections, Raphael Glucksmann asked à Emmanuel Macron to "push back" the reform of the electoral body in New Caledonia, this Tuesday on France 2 in the 4V of Télématin. For him, it is necessary to reconnect with "the spirit of the Matignon agreements", and believes that "entrusting the file' G&ald Darmanin and all hastened without local consensus hastenedé chaos".

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09:09 – Travel by Emmanuel Macron: it is "perhaps too late" according to Marine Le Pen

Edouard Philippe is not the only one with put pressure on the head of state. The head of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, estimated that that it was "maybe too late" for the government when visiting the archipelago, live on CNews this Tuesday. It highlights the "number of incalculable errors" of the government in the New Caledonia file. It will be “very difficult to get everyone at the table back to normal.” Nouméa" according to the ex-candidate à the presidency of the Republic.

09:03 – "We will need perspectives" warns Edouard Philippe

Emmanuel Macron under pressure. The scale of the violence forced the head of state to take action. travel to New Caledonia to try to reconnect with the locals. A situation analyzed by the former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, not really kind to the President of the Republic. "What matters most in New Caledonia is the political agreement between the independentists and the loyalists. This is the priority. priorities. The political space of this agreement cannot be lost. of the Matignon agreements, nor beyond independence since the Caledonian people voted for independence. against" he estimated. this Tuesday from Bayonne. "We will need perspectives: we cannot, every two years, every five years, ask ourselves the question of whether we want to stay in the French Republic or not" ; estimated the president of the party Horizons.

"The majorityé IP addresses" of the perpetrators of the cyberattacks targeting New Caledonia would come from Russia indicates Christopher Gyges, member of the government in charge of digital issues with BFMTV. This attack appears "like provocation" in view of Emmanuel Macron's coming to the archipelago. No less than 95,000 connection attempts in just a few seconds were completed. identified in an "unprecedented attack" for the island.

08:39 – A stopover in Canada for the presidential plane

According to information from Ouest France, the plane borrowed by Emmanuel Macron to go to New Caledonia stopped for a technical stopover à Vancouver in Canada. "A few items were filtered out. of the President's state of mind" indicates the daily. The decision whether or not to suspend the convocation of the congress would not yet be taken.

08:28 – Macron wishes "reéengage in dialogue with all parties"

Accompanied by G&ald Darmanin, Sébastien Lecornu and Marie Guévenoux, Emmanuel Macron should only stay a dozen hours in New Caledonia. Time for him to "express his solidarity" with the locals, "thank the security forces" on site, in a manner è reestablish "Republican order" informs the Elys&eac;e. He should also “re-engage in dialogue with all parties, particularly elected officials”. A "Republican time" will be shared with them.

08:18 – "I hope that President Macron's announcements (. .) will be &agrav; height" declares Edouard Philippe

"The situation is terribly sad and dangerous. France, which has a complicated relationship with France, its colonial history, has a possibility of to find an original solution, even if it is more difficult than three months ago"  indicated ex-Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, this Tuesday, during a public meeting   Bayonne. "I hope that the announcements from President Macron", which should not be long before " set foot on Caledonian soil, "will be " the height of the situation" he also declared.

08:14 – The evacuation tourists continues

This Wednesday, the High Commissioner ensures that around a hundred tourists were visited. evacuated. Australia and New Zealand chartered flights to repatriate their hundreds of nationals stranded in overseas territory. On the other hand, the archipelago's international airport remains closed. to commercial flights up to & this Saturday morning.

08:10 – GIGN and RAID deployed

On the island, GIGN and RAID units are deployed on “highly sensitive” points. indicates in a press release; the High Commissioner of the Republic. The 1050 reinforcements of the security forcesé interior and security civilian personnel present on site are continuously engaged in the field and will soon be in full force. More than 90 dams have already been renovated. été neutralized and are gradually cleaned up, thanks to the support of private companies" he poutsuits.

08:04 – An "unprecedented" in New Caledonia

On Tuesday, the archipelago suffered a “cyberattack of unprecedented force" who has since been é "stopped" announces the Caledonian government. Facts which occurred "shortly after" the announcement of Emmanuel Macron's visit to the island. An ISP À the internet suffered an attack from the outside on an IP address, so that it could be compromised. saturate the Caledonian network. Since then, the State and the Post and Telecommunications Office (OPT) have managed to achieve this. stop this attempted intrusion "before there is significant damage".

08:00 – Relative calm on the island since last night

À Nouméa, if the situation remains precarious, the night has beené "calmer than the previous one" in the words of the High Commissioner of the Republic of New Caledonia. two schools have all the same & set on fire Nouméa. Some neighborhoods remain almost inaccessible and plagued by rioters. This Wednesday morning, fires were visible, particularly in the Ducos industrial zone, according to an AFP journalist.

< h3 class="app_edito_title_2">21/05/24 – 23:17 – "I hope that President Macronés announcements will be up to date. “the height of the situation”, declaredé E. Philippe

"I hope that President Macron's announcements will be up to date. the height of the situation. The situation is terribly sad and dangerous. France, which has a complicated relationship with France, its colonial history, has a possibility of “to find an original solution, even if it is more difficult than three months ago,” declaredé former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. 

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