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DIRECT. Saint-Étienne – Metz: follow the match

This Thursday evening, Saint-Etienne receives Metz in the first leg of the accession play-off & Ligue 1 à 8:30 p.m. An enticing poster between two historic French football clubs who are competing for the last place in the championship for next season. Follow the match live.

DIRECT. Saint-Étienne – Metz: follow the match

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DIRECT. Saint-Étienne – Metz: follow the match

Metz Live

20:37 – Misunderstanding between Stéphanois

More offensive, the St& ephanois do not hesitate to multiply the combinations. Chambost doubles with Cardona but the two men did not understand each other.

20:35 – Oukidja wins

Maçon's pass to Cardona is too long. Oukidja lays down well and asserts himself in his area.

20:34 – Imprecise maçon

Well served after a combination with Moueffek, Maçon crosses but Sissoko is too short. The center of the right side was too high.

20:33 – Petrot marks his territory

In the right lane, Sabaly controls and Petrot tackles at the feet of the Metz winger.

Georges Mikautadze kicks off this barrage! It was 90 minutes as the kick-off was over. pushed back of a few seconds &agrav; cause of fumigations!

20:29 – The Cauldron turns into a volcano

Since the players entered, the Saint-Etienne supporters took out the smoke bombs to set the scene. In the stands, the spectators will be present! 

20:28 – Entrance players

The 22 actors enter the lawn of the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium. Kick-off is imminent!

20:25 – The substitutes' benches

Here are the benches of Saint-Étienne and FC Metz: 

  • ASSE: Appiah, Bentayg, Bouchouari, Briancon, Fomba, Green, Mbuku, Monconduit, Rivera
  • Metz: Atta, Cande, Dietsch, Hérelle, Kouao, Lamkel Zé, Nduquidi, Sané, Van Den Kerkhof

20:20 – The match referee

The refereeing body for the match between Saint-Étienne and Metz is known. The main referee will be Benoît Millot while he will be assisted by Metz. by Philippe Jeanne and Aurélien Drouet. Video assistance é refereeing will also be present at this meeting, led by Cédric Dos Santos and Yohann Rouinsard.

20:15 – Bölöni fears ASSE

While passing through a press conference, Laszlo Bölöni confidé that he was very wary of ASSE, capable of posing big problems to his teammates. his team. "Saint-Etienne ? This is a team that has a very good midfield and good attackers. She also has great defense. Conclusion? This team can pose problems for players. a lot of people", saidé the coach of the garnet club.

20:10 – Metz faces à his destiny

Concerné by the fight for maintenance during a large part of the season, FC Metz has the opportunity with this round-trip confrontation in the Ligue 1 play-off to be able to keep its place in first place; re division next season. For this, we will need to achieve a result at the Cauldron this evening to hope to secure the last place on Sunday evening at domicile. 

20:05 – The restricted Metz group

For to stay in Ligue 1, the technician Laszlo Bölöni  will be able to count on a limited workforce: "The group wasé tightened &agrav; twenty-two players. Throughout the season and last year as well, we have carried players on our backs that we didn't need. Players who didn't help us, who sometimes left us with problems. organizational problems and other problems too. When there are very few, it's not good, but when there are too many, it's not good either. I believe in a smaller group. I love having sixteen football players and more. side of ça, still six young people who want it. Voilaà what I like! "

20:00 – How to follow Saint-Étienne – Metz in streaming ?

If you want to watch the first leg of the Ligue 1 play-off between Saint-Étienne and FC Metz on your computer, smartphone or tablet, you will need to subscribe à a subscription on MyCanal or on the BeIN Sports and PrimeVideo sites. 62~19:55 – Metz favorite according to the Saint-Etienne coach

This evening, the Saint-Etienne coach ;ASSE positions the Grenats as the favorites to secure the last ticket in the elite next season: "Metz playedé all season in L1, they played complicated matches every weekend. I'm not saying that for us, in L2, it was simpler. But it's different, there's more efficiency, more mastery in the elite… The people of Messina are used to more execution speed. We will have to maintain our efficiency. technique and our power to compensate. If we lose too many balls, it will be very complicated; for us".

19:50 – Dall'Oglio points out a difference between the two teams

The technician also pointed out the major difference between the two teams: "The intensity ? Çmay be the key to this because the intensity of Ligue 1 is stronger than that of Ligue 2. You will have to be able to put the same face to face. Rodez. Why does it differ depending on the matches? I don't have all the keys, it's a football match we try to explain everything but we does not always have explanations. On this match against à Rodez, there was more strength, power, precision. In the last match, we also had more technical precision which surely gave us an advantage. more lively à the team. (…) I think we made a big start, with the public pushing for it. and the opportunities that came, çit helpedé boys. We try to work on the starts with as much intensity as possible. possible, the opponent too. Sometimes it works and sometimes it's a little more complicated"

< h3 class="app_edito_title_2">19:45 – ASSE back in the elite ?

Two years after leaving it, Saint-étienne has the opportunity to return to Ligue 1. Last weekend, the St&eacute ;phanois gave themselves the right to dream after a victory at home. home against Rodez (2-0) during the accession play-off à League 1. This evening and Sunday, ASSE faces FC Metz in a back-and-forth confrontation to clinch the last ticket for next season in the first division.

For this crucial poster à Saint-Étienne, Laszlo Bölöni has decidedé to do without certain players who will start on the bench like Christophe H&eac;relle or Kevin Van Den Kerkhof. Here is the composition of the Garnets: Oukidja (G) – Colin, Traor, San, Udol – Jean Jacques, Camara, N Doram – & nbsp;Sabaly, Diallo, Mikautadze.

19:40 – Last match à home

This evening, the Stéphanois will play the last match of the season at home residence. Against Metz, the ASSE players will play in a boiling Cauldron. On the side garnet, it's the last trip for FC Metz.

For this confrontation go face to face with Metz, Olivier Dall'Oglio chose the same men who won last week' home against Rodez. Here is the composition of ASSE: Larsonneur (G) – Macon, Batubinsika, Nad, Petrot – Tardieu – Cardona, Cafaro, Chambost, Moueffek – Sissoko.

19:35 – On which channel to watch Saint-Étienne – Metz ?

Holders of the TV rights of Ligue 2 and Ligue 1, BeIN Sports 1 < /strong>and PrimeVideo will jointly broadcast the poster between the Stéphanois and the Grenats.&nbsp ;

Good evening à all and &agrav; all ! Welcome to the live stream of Saint-Étienne – Metz, first leg of the accession to Ligue 1. Kick-off in an hour!

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