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Saint-Étienne – Metz: in a flaming cauldron, ASSE takes an option!

This confrontation goes from the accession barrier à Ligue 1 turned &agrav; the advantage of ASSE. The Stéphanois won 2-1 thanks to Ibrahim Sissoko and Irvin Cardona while Ismaël Traoré had equalized for Garnets. Saint-Étienne takes an option before the return match on Sunday Metz.

Saint-Étienne – Metz: in a flaming cauldron, ASSE takes an option!

2: 1

Saint-Étienne – Metz: in a flaming cauldron, ASSE takes an option!

Metz Live

22:55 – À 90 minutes!

END OF LIVE! Two years after the descent into Ligue 2, AS Saint-Etienne is ' 90 minutes of a return to the elite. After the barrage go, the Worms will go to the next place. Metz on Sunday with a goal in advance.

22:50 – The summary of the match

Between 16th in Ligue 1 and 3rd in Ligue 2, the line-up was tempting this evening at the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium. The Greens arrived on the lawn of the Chaudron in full swing. Pushed by their supporters, the Stéphanois took the lead from the kick-off, taking the ball by storm. If the chances were slow, Georges Mikautadze passedé close to scoring a solo goal. On a clearance, the Georgian took advantage of a poor judgment and faked the shot before finding Gauthier Larsonneur's right post. First warning for the Greens. Finally, Ibrahim Sissoko finds the fault. Served by Cafaro, the attacker controls and presents himself alone against the enemy. Oukidja before adjusting it with a slight twist. of the left foot. 1-0 for ASSE before the twentieth minute of play. The match is becoming more balanced and the duels are becoming more and more fierce. Before the break, Ismaël Traoré takes a corner with his head, taking advantage of the Saint-Etienne goalkeeper's slip to equalize and calm Geoffroy-Guichard. 

In a second act without occasion and imprecise, the irresistible Irvin Cardona came to give the people of Saint-Etienne the right to dream. À Ten minutes from the end of regular time, Cafaro sends a long ball into the area and the attacker beats Oukidja's exit to head the ball. With this victory (2-1), Saint-Étienne will move to Metz Sunday à 5 p.m. with a goal in advance. Enough to hope for the last place in the League next season. Side Metz, Laszlo Bölöni will have to find solutions to deal with the lack of efficiency; of his attackers. See you on Sunday for the second round.

22:45 – The Greens dominated

A look back in figures at this meeting which turned out to be… &agrav; the advantage of the Stéphanois: 

22:40 – Cardona: "Halfé du chemin"

Second Stéphanois scorer, Irvin Cardona gave himself up to the game. at the microphone of Prime Video after the meeting:  

22:35 – "À Sunday"

This evening, Saint-Étienne took an option to secure the last place in Ligue 1. Return match Sunday at home 5 p.m. 

This evening, ASSE takes an option for accession to Ligue 1. By winning à home against Metz (2-1), the Stéphanois will travel to Metz with an advantage taken for this barrage. 

22:29 – No penalty

After verification & VAR, there is no penalty on this action.

22:27 – Penalty ?

After a ball that was too long, Sané puts it back on Oukidja but Bentayg anticipates and falls after contact with the Metz goalkeeper.

22:26 – The spirits are & eacute;heat

Series of dribbles for Nathanaël Mbuku who gets a foul. Place à nervousness for the Messins. 

22:24 – Appiah vigilant

Long transverse on the side left for Matthieu Udol but Denis Appiah anticipates the trajectory and repels the danger with his head.

22:23 – Additional time

As in the first period, there will be five minutes of additional time.

22:22 – Sissoko sanctioned

Huge foul from Ibrahim Sissoko who wipes his crampons on San's left ankle. The attacker is warned of a yellow card.

22:20 – Petrot impérial

On its side left Petrot has been imperial since the start of the match. The left side ensures stability. defensive and doesn't let anything get through.

22:19 – New changes

While Lamine Fomba replaced Aïmen Moueffek a few moments ago, Nathanaël Mbuku and Mahmoud Bentayg took the places of Mathieu Cafaro and Irvin Cardona.

In a second period with few opportunities, Mathieu Cafaro sent a ball into the area. Alexandre Oukidja is late and Irvin Cardona gets ahead of the Metz goalkeeper to head the ball into the empty goal. There are ten minutes left à argue.

22:12 – Camara égoïste

On a Metz counterattack, Lamkel Zé says Lamine Camara. The midfielder moves towards the center of the field and strikes from the right but it is not on target.

22:11 – Larsonneur imposes itself

On the right corridor, Van Den Kerkhof does not see Mikautadze alone. Moments later, the winger crosses for Didier Lamkel Zé but Gauthier Larsonneur wins.

22:08 – Moueffek touché

After the central circle, Moueffek remains on the ground. The midfielder was injured; &agrav; the right leg after contact.

22:07 – Sissoko gets the foul

< p>New set kick for ASSE after a fault on the sideé right. It's very clear; in the process.

22:05 – Double change

For ASSE, Dennis Appiah replaces Yvann Maçon. Side Metz, Papa Diallo gives up his place à Didier Lamkel Zê.

22:04 – N'Doram warned

After Yvann Maçon, Kevin N'Doram is the second player of the match & receive a yellow card after a foul on Cafaro.

22:03 – Mikautadze makes a mistake

In the Saint-Etienne area, Georges Mikautadze lacks foot space to control. The Georgian ends up losing the ball.

22:01 – N'Doram handmade

À height of the halfway line, Kevin N'Doram is surprised by Florian Tardieu who misses the ball. The Metz midfielder finally commits a handball.

22:00 – Cafaro lacks strength

Batubinsika finds a pass in the heart of the game. Cardona serves Cafaro who delays in the area before trying his luck. His shot lacks the force to put Alexandre Oukidja in danger.

21:56 – Cardona can't find anyone

On a Stéphanois corner obtained and hité by Cafaro, Irvin Cardona deflects the ball at the near post. The leather runs across the entire surface and Dylan Batubinsika is too short.


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