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Disappearance of Lauren Riches in Cantal: the body of the young woman found, what a privileged lead ?

The body of a 19-year-old young woman was destroyed. found this Tuesday on the sidelines of a nightclub in Cantal. It corresponds to & that of Lauren Riches, who disappeared on Saturday night à Sunday.

The body of a young woman aged 19 was destroyed. found &agrav; Saint-Flour (Cantal) Tuesday January 9, 2024, as indicated; by the Aurillac à AFP. This is indeed the body of Lauren Riches, who disappeared two days earlier on the night of Saturday at 9:00 p.m. Sunday around 3 a.m. while she went out to a nightclub near the A75 motorway.

"The young woman wasé found deceased in a field a few hundred meters from the nightclub indicates Cyril Vicente, deputy public prosecutor. Aurillac. The lifeless body shows no injury or blows from a blunt object. For the moment, no avenue has been ruled out and everything is possible, such as the possibility of that she was & #39; disoriented and froze to death" indicates the public prosecutor éagrave; Aurillac.

As a reminder, on the video surveillance images, Lauren appears alone at home. leaving the nightclub. Very worried, his friends had tried to kill him. to contact her during the night, without success. Her disappearance was then reported to the authorities on Sunday. His cell phone continued to be blocked in the area of ​​the commune of Saint-Flour. Tuesday afternoon, the gendarmerie issued a wanted notice. Now, an investigation to determine the causes of the young woman's death has been launched. entrusted to the Saint-Flour gendarmerie. 

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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