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Disappearance of Lina: a new lead and a suspect for investigators

Lina's disappearance could be linked to that of a man which took place at the same time. He is an entrepreneur who mentioned this track &agrav; comment by one of its employees in the show "callé witnesses" on M6.

An alert that could change the investigation into Lina’s disappearance. The 15-year-old girl has been missing since September 23, for more than eight months, in Bas-Rhin. Tuesday, May 28, in the program "Call & witnesses" on M6, a testimony providing a new lead was published. broadcast. Investigators would be interested in it. 

He is a business manager who contacted the show. He explained that one of its employees disappeared in September, the same period as Lina. 

The man in question had been on a permanent contract with the company for twelve years. He disappeared overnight, giving no sign of life. More surprisingly, he apparently lived in the same region as the teenager, “very close” to her home, according to the testimony broadcast on M6. Fanny Groll, Lina's mother, who took part in the show “Call for help” witnesses,” said he had never heard of this lead before the broadcast of the program. “This is a lead that we will give immediately to the police, it's still very strange that all of a sudden, at the same time, in the same place, someone disappears,” wonders Julien Courbet, presenter of the show.

No preferred leads after eight months

The investigation did not seem to be moving forward before this event. No leads have been favored or dismissed since the disappearance. It could be a kidnapping, given the testimonies of some motorists who saw the young girl walking along the side of a road. Multiple searches launched by the police have yielded nothing. According to her mother, the culprit(s) knew her daughter. On October 1, the Strasbourg prosecutor's office opened a judicial investigation for “kidnapping and false imprisonment.” A “complicated” mission, according to the public prosecutor. The prosecution then spoke of “long-term investigations”, stressing that “no charges had been brought against anyone”, after many days of hearings.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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