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Montmorency: Several buckets filled with chemicals discovered in an apartment, three people arrested

Several buckets à The containers containing chemicals were destroyed. discovered, Saturday June 1, in an apartment in Montmorency (Val-d'Oise), reveals BFMTV.

A completely closed sector. Three people were arrested. arrested, Saturday June 1, after the discovery of several buckets filled with chemicals, revealed BFMTV. The discovery was made made by the police in an apartment located on the ground floor of a building located in &agrav; Montmorency, in Val-d'Oise.

Called around 8:30 p.m. for a suspicious odor in a home, the city's firefighters went to the site to carry out the first checks. Having been unable to discover the origin of the odor, it was ultimately the police, who also alerted the odor to the problem. es, discovered buckets numbering four to four in number. inside which was a quantity of of chemicals. Several false identity documents have also been é discovered on site.

Analysis still in progress

In order to allow the forensic specialists dispatched to the site, a temporary be safe was é put in place by the agents, and nine people had toû be evacuated. In total, three people were arrested. arrested à the continuation of this discovery, confirmedé Pierre Sennes, the prosecutor of Pontoise in the Parisian. Respectively aged 37, 49 and 47, the three accused are two men and a woman. All three wereé taken to the premises of the crime division; organized and specialized in Val-d'Oise to be heard. Placed in custody view, they would be unknown to the intelligence services.

In order to remove all doubts about the intentions of those arrested, an observer from the anti-terrorist sub-directorate observed also été dispatched on site to analyze the profile of the suspects, reports BFMTV. This Sunday, June 2, analyzes of the chemicals discovered were still in progress.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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