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Disappearance of Lina: a search and further research, progress in the investigation?

The Strasbourg gendarmes carried out the attack. a new search as part of the investigation into Lina's disappearance, two months after the events. Do they have a suspect in their crosshairs?

It’s a remarkable return to the field. The gendarmes from the Strasbourg research section carried out the investigation. a new search as part of the investigation into the disappearance of Lina, this Wednesday, November 22. The 15-year-old girl no longer gave her sign of life since September 23, after disappearing on the way to the Saint-Blaise-la-Roche station, in Bas-Rhin. Almost two months to the day after his disappearance, it is the home of a resident living in the area where he disappeared. These are the facts that took place. searched, according to information from Parisien.

While the searches and the first weeks of investigation had not made it possible to identify a lead or identify a suspect, this search does not guarantee much progress. of the investigation, no more than a tightening of the noose around a suspect. Above all, it is an operation to remove doubts which requires extensive verifications by the scientific police. The "long-term" that had been announced the prosecutor of the Republic of Strasbourg are still continuing. And still no lead seems favored or ruled out on Lina's disappearance.

Strong suspicions of a criminal hypothesis

However, the criminal trail is gaining ground. The more time passes, the less the hypothesis of the young girl's escape described “without incident” becomes apparent. seems credible. Conversely, several testimonies suggested the possible intervention of a third party, and possibly a predator. Lina had indeed been seen by a witness in the passenger seat of a blue car driven by an unidentified man. And the father of a teenager with features similar to those of Lina had indicated that his daughter had been bothered by an individual only a few days before the young woman's disappearance.

Regarding the trail of Lina's companion, the young man was followed by a murderer. exonerated according to information from Parisien. His presence  Strasbourg at the time of the events was checked and his phone would not have been damaged. found near the place of disappearance, unlike what certain rumors suggested. Judicial information for "kidnapping or confinement of more than seven days" is still in progress.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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