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Disappearance of Lina&nbsp ;: bones discovered, new leads?” /></p>
<p>Investigations continue in Bas-Rhin, this Saturday, September 30, to find traces of Lina, aged 15, and missing for a week. The investigators notably searched vehicles, all similar. </p>
<p><strong>[Put to; day September 30, 2023 at 7:19 p.m.]</strong>Searches are still underway in Bas-Rhin, a week after Lina's disappearance. Since Friday, September 29, investigators have searched and inspected around ten dark Clios in towns close to the place of disappearance of the 15-year-old girl. This lead follows the report of a blue French car having been on the road. on the departmental where Lina has disappeared. According to <em>Le Parisien</em>, DNA traces have been found in particular. readings on a vehicle Bellefosse. Houses, a mini-market as well as the Saint-Blaise-la-Roche Recycling Center were also destroyed. inspected, according to <em>DNA</em>.</p>
<p>This trail of a suspicious vehicle could be favored by investigators, particularly after the testimony of Karine, a 14-year-old teenager, also living nearby. Plaine, who says to have been approached twice by a man outside. in a gray car a week before the disappearance, according to the words of his father, quoted by BFMTV. According to Paris-Match, the investigators took away a vehicle Friday evening, and bustle around the home of a music teacher in his forties.</p>
<p>This Saturday morning, investigators were arrested. called along the RD350, where a bag full of bones was taken away. discovered by a walker, and close to the place of Lina's disappearance, announced the prosecutor of the Republic of Saverne, Aline Clérot. A forensic pathologist from the Strasbourg medical-legal institute has "formally" identified these bones as being "of animal origin".</p>
<h2>The young girl not found</h2>
<p>The 15-year-old teenager disappeared on Saturday September 23 in Bas-Rhin, near the town of Plaine where she was found dead. she saw, while she was going to foot to foot the station to join her boyfriend at Strasbourg. The young girl never went up to board the train and did not leave behind no trace of its passage. However, the gendarmes were mobilized in large numbers, there were more than 80 of them at the time. search the area on Thursday, September 28, to find "all types of clues" or the start of the track.</p>
<p>The investigators are calling all the people who were present near the place of the disappearance, particularly near the ponds which were destroyed. surveyed on September 27, please contact them on 03 88 97 04 71. They hope to obtain information likely to advance the investigation. several testimonies have been given. collected and "have been subject to in-depth verifications throughout the national territory" according to the Saverne prosecutor, Aline Cl&eac;rot.</p>
<p>Despite In the days that have passed since Lina's disappearance, the teenager's parents remain hopeful of seeing their daughter again. "We fight, we fight, we continue today, this evening, forever. every moment" assured Fanny, the young girl's mother, at the microphone of<em> BFM TV,</em>on September 28. À again, she thanked all the kind people and those who provided their help, but she also addressed the rumour-mongers: """ those who launch nastiness on social networks, false rumors […] You realize that the test is difficult enough as it is, without having to solve it. add more. […] Stop inventing and assuming things that are false."</p>
<h2>"No marks on the road suggesting a road accident"< /h2> </p>
<p>An investigation into "disturbing disappearance" was open and the circumstances of Lina's disappearance are still unknown. The gendarmes determined that the young girl never went up to board the train which was to take him to Strasbourg and went back up to his trace until halfway between his home and the station, along the RD350. Two witnesses assured us that having seen the young woman walking along this road. One of them, the former mayor of the commune of Plaine, said: <em>BFMTV</em>, that when returning to this path a few minutes later, Lina “was no longer at the side of the road”. And the former councilor remarked: "So, hitchhiking or not, that's something else."</p>
<p>The station near which the teenager disappeared is located in a rural area where it is common to "walk three kilometers each way" foot" according to the mayor of Plaine, Patricia Simoni, contacted by the continuous news channel. The edile adds that if the station is located "in a place where" there are not too many houses and where there's a little bit of traffic, she's not a cutthroat.</p>
<p>The accident trail was considered, but the public prosecutor clarified that this was not the case. that "no marks on the road suggesting a road accident" was not found on this path. As for a possible runaway, the hypothesis is ruled out by Lina's parents and, a priori, by the prosecution who affirmed in the first days of the investigation that the young girl was not 39;had "no family problems" and had never run away from home previously. </p>
<h2>Lina "enthusiastic" before disappearing near the station</h2>
<p>Lina had an appointment at Strasbourg with her boyfriend to eat at restaurants and go shopping according to her mother's instructions. She left the house around 11 o'clock to go to the house. the station". It is the young man who is the last to leave. having heard from Lina thanks to a message received 11:20 a.m.: “a video of her telling me that she was happy to come,” he said. from<em>LCI/TF1</em>. The teenager then did not give any more information. sign of life. The young man then called Lina's mother “to tell her that there was something strange.”</p>
<p>A friend of Lina, Margaux, also noted the problem. oddities at the microphone of <em>BFMTV</em>. According to her, the teenager was particularly happy to go join her boyfriend, however, after having sent a message to say that she was leaving her home, the young woman would have been much more discreet than normal. "Usually, she used a lot of vocals to speak and then, suddenly, she was writing very quickly, in little words, it was very worrying, it wasn't like before. #39;usually, you could feel it when she spoke. Margaux analysis. On a daily basis, "Lina is a young girl full of life, she is luminous, she is sunny, she wants to enjoy life," his mother.</p>
<h2>Search and targeted vehicles</h2>
<p>Since Lina's disappearance, searches and searches have been carried out. organized on the three kilometer long path which separates the teenager's home from the station and the surrounding area, particularly the forest and ponds. But no trace of the teenager was found. found, despite the deployment of helicopters, drones and dog teams including Saint-Hubert dogs renowned for their flair.</p>
<p>If there is #39;a field investigation has so far yielded nothing, telephone and banking data have not made it possible to find any clues either. Lina’s phone "wasn" found" and the mobile stopped to issue to 11:22 a.m. on the day of the disappearance, according to the magistrate. Since Saturday, no activity banking has not been implemented noted on the young woman's account. On Friday, investigators targeted the same type of vehicle: dark-colored Renault Clios.</p>
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