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Little girl beaten to death in the Eure: the parents had already ;I have been convicted by the courts

“Little girl beaten to death in Eure: the parents had already been convicted by the courts”

After the death of a little girl who had "multiple bruises" on Saturday night at On Sunday, the child's mother and stepfather were arrested. indicted and imprisoned on Tuesday September 26. The director of the school, where The 3-year-old child was in school and was also sent to school. suspended.

Lisa, 3 years old, died on the night of Saturday September 23 to Sunday September 24, 2023, after having been killed. urgently transported to the Charles-Nicolle University Hospital in Rouen (Seine-Maritime). The little girl had been discovered shortly before at the home of her mother and stepfather, covered in bruises. The child presented "multiple hematomas of different ages" on the face, all four limbs, thorax, back, pubis, listed the prosecutor of the Republic of Évreux, Rémi Coutin, during a press conference held Tuesday, September 26 afternoon, relays France Blue.

The autopsy was carried out The report was made Tuesday morning, but the report had not yet been released. when the prosecutor spoke. However, it seems more than likely that the little girl's death was due to physical violence, the mother and stepfather of the child having admitted regular violence against little Lisa since the end of 2022.

The little girl's parents were arrested. indicted for murder of a minor and placed in provisional detention in prison. the outcome of their custody view. They face criminal imprisonment at any time. life. À Note that the director of the school was also arrested. suspended by the rectorate "à conservatory title”. The objective is in fact to understand how the school was able to move forward. next to it repeated violence suffered by Lisa, who had also been absent for a week at the time of the tragedy.

The girl's parents indicted

The violence that took place victim the little girl were confirmed by the mother and stepfather of the little girl who were killed. arrested, then placed in custody. seen on September 23. They have since been indicted for murder of a minor and placed in provisional detention, the prosecution informed AFP. Aged 27 and 29, they quickly became friends. suspected. On Tuesday, the prosecutor clarified: that both parents were not under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the tragedy.

In addition to living in a climate of violence, the 3-year-old girl was attacked. found in an unsanitary home according to the public prosecutor: "The house was in a filthy state. and deplorable hygiene. He was also worried about that the situation of the little girl and her older brother from 6 years old – entrusted à social assistance childhood after the arrest of the parents – was not reported to the authorities.

Previous convictions for the parents

The parents, both unemployed, had already had a job. Summer condemned by the courts. The mother was killed. Sanction of only once in 2020 for consumption of stupids, while the man has condemned five times between 2015 and 2019 for traffic offenses, for rebellion and for serious damage. However, they were not accused of any act of violence; before the child's death.

"I already have files like this. “seen during my career, but never of this intensity”, emphasized the prosecutor at the Norman newspaper in Paris about the serious situation in which the little girl was found found. "We are in a drama of isolation, poor housing, addiction. They lived in total destitution,” for his part declared the mayor of Conches-en-Ouche, Jérôme Pasco.

Unreported violence

The deceased little girl clearly showed signs of physical violence on her body, which were visible and not only hidden by clothing. The public prosecutor was concerned about the situation. that the situation and the abuse in which the child was a victim were not corrected reported to the gendarmes or to the local social assistance service. childhood. A report could have been made by the school where the incident occurred. traces of violence could have been observed and where the absence of the little girl for almost a week could have raised alarm. At least that is what the rectorate of the Normandy Academy seems to think, which announced the temporary suspension of the director of the establishment where the little girl was educated in the middle section of nursery school. "The rectorate of the Academy of Normandy has decided to accept the decision. to suspend the director of the nursery school precautionary measure and to initiate an administrative investigation in order to shed light on the chain of reporting of facts by the national education services, it is indicated in the press release which France Bleu echoes.

The magistrate was also attacked. to the regret of learning that a friend of the couple had tried to kill her. to report the situation to 119 a few days before the tragedy, but that his call had not been received. taken due to lack of availability. The operators, all busy, would have asked her to call back later, which she would not have had time to do.

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