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Discover Simon, the power strip of the future

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Power strips are part of our daily lives, whether we like it or not. But these extensions to wall sockets are not always aesthetic and practical. They have never really changed their design and although several developments have been made in recent years, in particular to reduce their electricity consumption as much as possible, these modifications are invisible to the user.

It is this need for novelty that pushed the teams at the Leroy Merlin firm to develop new power strips, much more “in tune with the times”. With “ Simon ”, this is the name given by the French brand to this project, Leroy Merlin offers a state-of-the-art power strip.

In addition to these very classic round electrical outlets, this white cube has a side with three USB-A ports and a switch. The company producing “Simon” even explains that the upper side of the cube has wireless charging technology, perfect for smartphones and small connected objects.

An incomplete product?

The idea of ​​reinventing the power strip is not necessarily bad. As we said above, this technology is years behind it, but has never really changed its design. An update is therefore welcome. But Leroy Merlin's proposal seems a little far from consumers' expectations.

In reaction to the announcement of the release of this new product, several Internet users joked about the lack of certain options on this power strip. While some regret the lack of a USB-C charging port (a new European standard whose adoption is growing), others believe that three power outlets are far too few.

Other models exist

In addition to Leroy Merlin, other brands have already developed “ ” power strips in recent years. new generation.” Most often, companies communicate under the name “hub” to designate this central point of electrical supply.

On Amazon and other e-commerce platforms, hundreds of references exist under the name ” USB power strip “, faced with so much competition, it is difficult to find arguments to differentiate ”  Simon » of his adversaries. Wireless charging seems to be its main argument to stand out from the crowd. But will this be enough to attract the general public ?

As for pricing, the vast majority of these power strips are sold in the same price range. They range between €20 for the most affordable versions and €40 for those with more sockets and power. Regarding “ Simon ”, Leroy Merlin sells its power strip for €25 on its website and its Amazon page.

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