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The most anticipated new feature on Mac is not planned by Apple at all

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In all likelihood, Apple has no plans to unveil a touchscreen MacBook Air anytime soon. In any case, this is what we learned from an interview conducted by the magazine ITHome with the Apple firm, whose capitalization is close to three thousand billion dollars.

The interview focused primarily on the case of the new laptops unveiled by Apple last month, and their technical promise. The manufacturer notably reminds that its devices give pride of place to many recycled materials. Among these, we find in particular aluminum and recycled paper.

No touchscreen MacBook Air, really?

Despite everything, observers may have already noticed that the touchscreen MacBook is not just a simple invention. And for good reason: numerous patents filed by Apple show that the company is already capable of designing a laptop with a display that can be controlled in this way. On the other hand, the models in question seem rather to evoke the case of a MacBook Pro, because the format of the chassis is drawn as thicker than the emblematic featherweight of the MacBook Air. But such a concept must still be compatible with large-scale production, and achieving this is not easy.

New Macs are indeed in preparation, according to recent information signed by the journalist of BloombergMark Gurman, often among the best informed on this subject. For this source, we could thus see the first MacBook Pro M4 land by the end of 2024, as well as an iMac equipped with the same chip, probably engraved with the TSMC's three-nanometer thin process. The Taiwanese founder has been responsible for assembling Apple silicon chips for several years now.

Competition: already very diversified offers

If the arrival of a possible touchscreen MacBook in a few years should be accompanied by a probably exorbitant price, look into the The case of current competition should make it possible to identify more affordable existing alternatives.

Among the models that have recently made the headlines, we can notably cite the case of the Envy x360 13-bf0062nf, from HP. The device is currently available for only around a thousand euros, compared to almost six hundred euros more for a fifteen-inch MacBook Air M3. Here, however, the screen size is limited to 13.3 inches. The larger the display, the easier it is to multitask. An essential asset for many nomads. At this price, the device is also equipped with no less than sixteen gigabytes of RAM – compared to only eight gigabytes in the base MacBook Air. In the interview with ITHome, Apple explains that this capacity is sufficiently large enough for basic tasks.

At the moment, in terms of touchscreen laptops, you can also get the Galaxy Book 4 Pro from Samsung. Here, a fourteen-inch screen awaits you, with a design which is also reminiscent of that of the MacBook Air. For around two thousand euros, the product offers you the possibility of benefiting from a low capacity SSD (512 GB only) but still with sixteen gigabytes of RAM and an Intel Core Ultra 7.< chip. /p>

To finish our selection, let's also mention the case of Microsoft's Surface Pro 9 hybrid, with a 13-inch touch screen. The tablet is offered with an Intel Core iPhone 7 motherboard, sixteen gigabytes of RAM and a 1 TB SSD at a price of around 2,500 euros in store. Obviously, it is the Windows operating system that powers the user experience, compared to macOS Ventura with Macs. Apple should, however, unveil macOS 15 during the Worldwide Developer Conference, with some new AI features on the menu.

  • Apple refutes the& ;#8217;idea for a touchscreen MacBook Air in an interview
  • The company also suggests that the eight gigabytes of RAM on the base MacBook Air are sufficient
  • HP or Samsung offer very good touchscreen laptops

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