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Mark Zuckerberg wants to bring his metaverse into classrooms

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Mark Zuckerberg's Meta group pivoted to AI and is now one of the leading players in this field. However, he has not forgotten the metaverse, a project in which Meta has already invested tens of billions of dollars, to perfect its virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. And among the markets in which Meta wants to offer its products, there is that of education.

We learn via a CNN article that this year, Meta will offer a new software solution for teachers, to allow them to use Meta's AR/VR headsets as teaching aids. In essence, it is a tool that will allow a teacher to stream virtual reality or augmented reality content to multiple headsets, for a class.

Immersive classes?

According to CNN, the project is overseen by Nick Clegg, Meta's head of international affairs. “You will be able to teach biology and chemistry without needing a fully equipped laboratory in the future…you will be able to walk the streets of ancient Rome with students”, he indicates in an interview with the American media.

Otherwise, it should be noted that Meta is not the first digital giant to want to use mixed reality as a support in classrooms. At the time of Cardboard (cardboard virtual reality headsets), Google launched a program called Expedition, aimed at teachers.

Metaverse: income increasing, but still losses

Today, the Meta group is regularly criticized because of the crazy sums that have been spent on its metaverse project, while the division that develops its AR/VR headsets is still not making a profit. In the last quarter of 2023, this division, called Reality Labs, generated more than a billion dollars in revenue, compared to $727 million in the same period in 2022. However, if revenues are increasing, the group lost 4 .65 billion dollars.

Meta's investments in virtual reality and augmented reality are less criticized, since the group has successfully pivoted towards artificial intelligence generative. Additionally, the launch of the Vision Pro headset was seen as a sort of validation of Meta's plans in the AR/VR field.

As a reminder, Meta's objective is to offer augmented reality glasses (and not headsets) that could replace smartphones.

  • Meta's AR/VR division wants to conquer the education market
  • The group is preparing software that will allow teachers to use Meta products Quest as a teaching aid
  • Revenues generated by Meta's AR/VR division are increasing, but it continues to lose money

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