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The Google Pixel 9 will be inspired by the iPhone on a specific point

Many rumors are circulating around the next smartphones in the Pixel range. Among these, the integration of an emergency SOS button and a better modem.

In recent years, connectivity difficulties have increased. have become recurring for Google Pixel users. Fortunately, the firm has worked on this. has been working hard over the generations and the Google Pixel 9 intends to offer new improvements.

It is through confidential information that the English-speaking media Android Authority has become aware of the significant changes à come through the company. For his next phones,  Google should focus on a new, much more powerful modem. This is the Exynos 5400, a modem that we can already use. found on Samsung devices. In collaboration with T-Mobile, an American mobile telecommunications operator, users would have, for the first time, # 39;a messaging service via a satellite link.

A very useful button, developed for this purpose. within a "Satellite Gateway" application, is added to the new modem. Similar & Apple's Emergency SOS function, Google's SOS button would appear in the form of automated questions that owners will have to answer in order to ;éevaluate the situation. Through a tutorial animation, the system would guide users to connect their device to the nearest satellite. By offering all these services, Google demonstrates its willingness to to place itself among the ranks of viable competitors to Apple smartphones since the satellite connection was one of the big new features of the latest iPhones.

The development of these services should be made available on the next two devices, the Google Pixel 9 and the Google Pixel Fold 2. But all of this has the potential to generate costs. Apple is the only one with this option. subsidize its service for the moment, remains à know if Google will align.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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