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“Fuel at 1.50 euros”: 3 questions about this successful petition

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Launched last Wednesday April 10 by the 40 million motorists association, the petition asking to cap the price of fuel at 1.50 euros per liter in France is a hit. Return in 3 questions on this operation to better understand this phenomenon.

What is the objective of the petition ?

On the dedicated site, the association does not go there by four ways and draws up an indictment against the inflation of fuel prices:

Consumed daily by millions of road users, road fuels are also hit hard by inflation. The prices displayed at gas stations recently are unprecedented and flirt happily with €2/L. In 1 year, the liter of SP95 has gained 32 cents and that of diesel has increased by 21 cents. This corresponds to an average additional cost of just over €200 per year (+13.3%) for each motorist.

She therefore asks: « The State must act urgently to reform taxation on fuels, in order to moderate their price and preserve mobility and the purchasing power of French households.Objective: to guarantee citizens that the prices displayed at the pump are always lower than €1.50, the only acceptable price limit» .

As a reminder, according to a recent study by the CLCV association (Consumption, housing, living environment), state taxes remain the most important item in the price we pay when we go to the pump. Experts have noted, however, that distributor margins have exploded since last year, with no other justification than the quest for profit. A point which is not mentioned in this petition.

Let us also remember that these taxes are used to partly finance Social Security, but also local authorities and their services public, or even road infrastructure. It is therefore not just a question of abstract money that we would send into the state coffers without ever seeing its color again.

Is it works ?

The petition has been a real hit for several days. In an article published Friday, Le Figaro announced 1,038,796 signatures. We can legitimately think that it increased significantly throughout the weekend. 40 million motorists hope that this will alert the top of the State to encourage it to act on taxes.

Should the government be worried??

This initiative could challenge the government. As our colleagues rightly point out, the yellow vest movement notably started following a petition launched by Priscillia Ludosky in 2018. This social mobilization initially denounced the price of fuel before subsequently addressing many other aspects.< /p>

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