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What Google Chrome features are now paid for ?

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Google has just unveiled its Chrome Enterprise Premium plan, which offers four features not available with the free Chrome Enterprise Core version. These are:

  • l’further analysis of content, looking for malware
  • filtering URLs according to several categories
  • a control panel to limit web app access to team members, remotely
  • the protection of the company's data, limiting its possibilities of downloading by unauthorized third parties

The price requested for Subscribe to Chrome Enterprise Premium has been announced: count on six dollars per month per user. Pricing close to that of the basic offer of Workspace, formerly known as G Suite and also allowing access to advanced versions of Google Calendar or Drive for a fee.

Alternatives are not left out

Google Chrome is not the only browser to offer a paid option to its users. Recently, our colleagues at iPhon.fr echoed the meteoric progress for the Premium offer of the Aloha Browser app. The main culprit ? This is the European regulator, which now requires Apple to ask its users to choose their default browser when turning on iOS for the first time, after purchasing an iPhone. While displaying several choices competing with Safari, Cupertino's proprietary browser.

Aloha Browser focuses its value proposition on privacy. By choosing a paid plan, users have the opportunity to benefit from additional security, notably in the form of a more efficient virtual private network than with the offer. free. Aloha Browser Premium also allows you to personalize the design of the platform, and also integrates a file transmitter via Wi-Fi which is reminiscent of the AirDrop tool offered on Mac.

Faced with this solution, other publishers seem to be doing well at the moment. This is notably the case of Quiche Browser on iPhone, emphasizing the customization of the content. #8217;interface, or Brave, another browser that natively blocks most advertisements encountered while surfing the web. The software, which is Mac and PC compatible, also has its iOS app and an Android client. Users who wish can also generate cryptocurrency automatically, while still allowing the delivery of some less intrusive advertisements.

L’artificial intelligence, high absent from Chrome Enterprise Premium

Despite everything, you will undoubtedly have noticed that by paying, professionals choosing Chrome Enterprise Premium do not seem to benefit from new features boosted by artificial intelligence. However, this is the hottest topic of the moment, whether among browser developers or others. However, we know that with Workspace, Alphabet already offers paid options with AI. Google Slides and Google Docs allow you to generate text or images according to requests typed by the user, with the integration of Bard.

It is then easy to imagine how Chrome Enterprise Premium could offer a progressive check-up of the security deployed on each device in a company's fleet, which is not unlike Elba's base price. The startup, resulting from an eFounders promotion, makes it possible to detect accounts not protected by SSO, certain websites unused for too long or even the sharing of sensitive data with third parties.

Some browsers already offer AI features for free, including Arc Search on iOS, Microsoft Edge in partnership with OpenAI or even Opera and its Aria AI.

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  • Chrome Enterprise Premium is a new security offering for businesses, costing $6 per month per user
  • Google Chrome offers advanced protection of company data, with malware search
  • It is also possible to filter links by category, and block access to certain features depending on the user
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