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Disney+ prices: what are the best offers and subscriptions in 2023?

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Whether you want to follow the latest MCU series or rewatch the classics from your childhood, Disney+ is the ideal video streaming platform. But what is the price of Disney+ in 2023? At the start of 2022, Mickey's streaming platform increased the price of its Disney+ subscription after adding the Star section to its catalog.

Bad news: a new price increase has just come into effect. It was announced this summer and since thisNovember 1, 2023, subscribers have to pay a little more. But this increase is not the only news: now, an offer with Disney+ advertising is available.

Since its launch in France in 2020, Disney+ has conquered the hearts of many users. While Netflix suffered an unfortunate subscriber drain in 2022, Disney+ is still attracting more subscribers from all over the world. In spring 2022, the platform had 14.4 million new subscribers.

A success which is not without reason. Indeed, Disney+ offers an impressive number of programs. Whether you are a fan of Marvel, Disney and Pixar, Star Wars or National Geographic, you will definitely find what you are looking for in the Disney+ offers.

Before you too succumb, we take stock of Disney+ subscriptions and prices. As you will read, some operators offer you the option to subscribe to Disney+ to make your life easier and save some money along the way. We tell you everything in this Disney+ 2023 price guide.

Films, series, documentaries… From great classics to original programs, Disney+ offers a very rich catalog between 5.99&nbsp ;€ and €11.99 per month in France from November 1, 2023. After offering a single subscription for a long time, there is a change on the Mickey platform. Like Netflix, Disney+ has chosen to add an offer with advertising to attract viewers on a tighter budget. But there is another new feature: a Premium subscription is appearing. What is the difference between the Disney+ offer with advertising, the Standard package and the Premium SVOD subscription?

1) Disney+ Standard package with advertising

The real advantage of this new Disney+ offer is its price. While a higher-priced subscription has joined the Disney+ catalog, its ad-supported offer is offered at only €5.99 per month. It is therefore a question of the most affordable Disney SVOD formula.

For less than €6 per month, subscribers will be able to enjoy their favorite content interspersed with promotional messages lasting just a few minutes. If you are used to downloading your favorite programs to watch them offline, note that the Disney+ ad-supported offer will not allow you to do so. In addition, viewing is limitedto 2 screens. Concerning the quality offered by the Disney+ advertising offer, your content will be inFull HD (1080p)and in 5.1 stereo.

2) Disney+ Standard Package

Without advertising, the Disney+ Standard package is the most balanced. For €8.99 per month, you can enjoy your series and films on 2 screens simultaneously, on any device, whether it's your smartphone or your television.

The quality is the same as for the plan with advertising, namely Full HD (1080p)and 5.1 stereo. However, the difference is that your programs are not polluted by advertisements and you can download content to enjoy Disney+ even without Internet.

It is possible to save 15% on the monthly price of your Disney+ subscription by committing for the year. This costs you €89.90 per year, instead of €107.88. This is always good to take into account.

3) Disney+ Premium Package

To upgrade to the next level, you will have to pay €11.99 per month for the Disney+ Premium plan. This is the most complete SVOD offer, with access to the platform on 4 screens simultaneously: on your smartphone, your television, your computer or even your tablet. If there are several of you in your household or you want to share this subscription with your loved ones, it's ideal.

At this price, Disney+ offers you the opportunity to enjoy all your programs in Ultra HD (4K). Note that certain films and series on the platform benefit from HDR 10, Dolby Vision as well as IMAX Enhanced. Finally, you have the possibility to download your favorite content unlimitedly so that you can watch them when you are not connected to the Internet. All this, without commitment.

If you want to save some money each month, you can choose the annual Disney+ subscription which will then cost you €119.90 instead of €143.88. This represents monthly savings with a 16% lower price to subscribe to Disney+. The only constraint? The 12-month commitment.

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Disney+ Standard Disney+ Premium
Price 5 €.99 per month €8.99 per month (or €89.99 per year) €11.99 per month (or €119.99 per year)
Simultaneous screens 2 2 4
HD ( 1080p) Yes Yes Yes
UDH (4K) No Yes
Download No Yes Yes
Advertising Yes No No

Disney+ prices: what are the best deals and subscriptions in 2023?

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Note that unless you have chosen the formulas with a one-year commitment, you have the possibility of switching from a Disney+ offer to the ;other each month depending on your needs and desires. It’s always good to point this out.

Before explaining how to subscribe to Disney+, let's now review the platform's competitors. Indeed, the SVOD market is merciless and many alternatives are available to you. Other platforms have equally interesting catalogs.

Despite the richness of its catalog, it is possible that Disney+ subscriptions do not interest you. Other streaming platforms are available in France. Here are the alternatives to Disney+. There's something for everyone:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Apple TV+
  • Crunchyroll


For a long time, Netflix dominated the SVOD market. If strong competitors have appeared, the platform with the red N remains a must for your binge-watching sessions. Among its original programs, you will be able to watch Stranger Things, Sex Education, The Bridgerton Chronicle, Arcane or Lupin again. Currently, Netflix offers 4 subscriptions, from €5.99 to €17.99 per month.

Amazon Prime Video

Without making too much noise, Prime Video is establishing itself in the SVOD market. The platform unveils a well-stocked catalog of films, series, anime and documentaries with very good original content such as The Lord of the Rings: the Rings of Power, The Boys and Gen V or even The Continental. For €6.99 per month, you benefit from this rich catalog but also free home delivery on Amazon, Amazon Music Prime, Prime Reading and many others! With the recent addition of the Warner Pass, Prime Video is now a must-have in the SVOD landscape.

Apple TV+

< p>Softly, Apple TV+ has managed to conquer the hearts of the strictest viewers with productions of excellent quality. Severance,Ted Lasso or even The Morning Showare just a few examples. While Apple has just increased the price of its platform, we have written a complete guide to help you see it more clearly.


If you are fans of Japanese animation, it is better to choose a dedicated platform like Crunchyroll. It allows you to discover new anime that are making a lot of noise like Chainsaw Man, Demon Slayer or Jujutsu Kaisen but also classics like One Piece or Naruto.

For the most curious, here's how to discover the international Disney+ calatogue in other countries…

Loki, Ahsoka, The Bear< /em>, Red Alert are all programs that you can watch without moderation on Disney+ from only €5.99 per month. Are you convinced? Perfect. All you have to do is subscribe. Here's how to subscribe to Disney+ in 2023.

Disney+ prices: what are the best offers and subscriptions in 2023?

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Subscribe to Disney+ on the official website

  • Go to
  • Click on “Register”
  • Enter your email address
  • Create a password
  • Choose the Disney+ offer that interests you (Standard with advertising, Standard, Premium)
  • Define the payment method

While it is more common to subscribe to Disney+ directly from the website, this is not the only way to subscribe to the SVOD platform. Indeed, you can also subscribe to Disney+ from your Internet service provider. The price of the Standard Disney+ offer may even drop, if we take into account the offers negotiated by the suppliers. We are thinking in particular of Bouygues Telecom which arrives with good news for the Disney+ subscription. We'll explain.

Reduced Disney+ price with Bouygues Telecom

By subscribing to Bouygues Telecom,the ISP offers you 6 months of subscription to Disney+ without paying anything. Then, you can access the SVOD for €8.99 per month. This is the same Disney+ price as that charged on the official website, but you will therefore save half a year, or more than 50 euros in normal times. It's always a good idea. Especially since it avoids you being scattered, in terms of paperwork.

Disney+ prices: what are the best offers and subscriptions in 2023?

Disney+ prices: what are the best offers and subscriptions in 2023? /></p>
<p> Bbox Ultym Fiber </p>
<p><p><img decoding=

 Download speed 2 Gb/s

Disney+ prices: what are the best offers and subscriptions in 2023?

 Unlimited fixed & mobile

Disney+ prices: what are the best offers and subscriptions in 2023?

 180 TV channels included


For 12 months

instead of €50.99

Detail Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France and to landlines in more than 110 countries With Bbox Miami commitment Option(s): premium installation SEE MORE 1

The Ciné Séries offer at Canal+ to enjoy Disney+

If you're having trouble deciding and would like to take advantage of most streaming platforms without burning a hole in your budget each time, Canal+ has the solution. Why choose? allows you to access Disney+, Canal+, Netflix, OCS and much more! You can take advantage of it for 34.99 euros per month with a 24-month commitment, or 40.99 euros per month without commitment. If you are under 26 years old, this is the dream offer since this pack costs you only 20.49 euros per month without commitment!

The Disney+ offer at SFR

As with Bouygues Telecom, SFR offers you 6 months of Disney+ subscription if you subscribe. A good reason to choose this Internet service provider. Here are all the SFR boxes.

The Disney+ formula at Free

At , you do not benefit from an offer on your Disney+ subscription. However, to simplify and consolidate your monthly payments, you can subscribe to SVOD with the ISP for €8.99 per month without commitment.

Disney+ prices: what are the best offers and subscriptions in 2023?

Disney+ prices: what are the best offers and subscriptions in 2023? /></p>
<p> Freebox Delta </p>
<p><p><img decoding=

 Download speed 8 Gb/s

Disney+ prices: what are the best offers and subscriptions in 2023?

 Unlimited fixed & mobile

Disney+ prices: what are the best offers and subscriptions in 2023?

 280 TV channels included


For 12 months< /p>

instead of €49.99

Detail Unlimited calls to Landlines in more than 110 destinations and Mobiles in France No commitment Freebox Delta Option(s) : included: My Canal, Netflix, Prime Video SEE + 1

The Disney+ subscription at Orange

Here too, if you subscribe to an Internet box at , you have the possibility to benefit from the Disney+ option for €8.99 per month directly with this ISP. No savings but the possibility of consolidating payments. Which is always good news.

If you want to change your Internet service provider, know that whichever one you choose, you can access Disney+ more easily with your box. To find out which ISP and which box to choose, we advise you to turn to our Internet box comparator.

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