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Disney's secret weapon to triumph over Netflix


A revolution is brewing in the world of streaming, and it is called the licensing renaissance. Indeed, while certain platforms are struggling to find the path to profitability, big studios are increasingly deciding to sell their content to competitors rather than keeping it exclusively on their services.

A possible comeback for Disney

In this little game, Disney is the big winner if we are to believe a study recently published by the Ampere firm Analysis. Quoted by our colleagues from the Hollywood Reporter, the experts explain as follows:

Studios were rightly reluctant to give up the exclusivity of major franchises when they set up their streaming services. But the agreements reached in 2023 by Warner Bros-Discovery to license content recently adapted by DC to Amazon, Netflix and Tubi show that even strategies relating to the exclusivity of property rights intellectual fundamentals are changing.

In detail, we learn in this report that the series subject to cross-licensing between major platforms tripled in 2023. Disney totaled 148 pieces of content of this type, far ahead of Paramount and Warner Bros: 72 and 54.

In fact, journalist Matthew Belloni noted this paradigm shift in a tweet at the beginning of January: “All of the films in Netflix's Top 10 are currently licensed from legacy studios, and nine are from studios with their own streaming services (including four recent hits from Warner Bros.) The streaming wars are officially over”.

The movement should only increase in 2024 if we are to believe the specialists who anticipate: “We expect more licensing deals for top titles to be concluded in 2024 between major VOD providers” .

Towards a weariness for the big franchises ?

The big players in streaming will have to strike a clever balance between attractiveness (offering exclusive content to make customers want to subscribe) and profitability (marketing licenses to generate additional revenue).

Also be careful not to overwhelm subscribers with franchise content that is starting to get boring. The Marvel and DC blockbusters have collapsed at the box office in 2023, while the Star Wars series are receiving fairly mixed reviews.

What do you think of recent developments observed in the world of streaming ? Don't hesitate to give your opinion in the comments.

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