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Diving in this French bay, we discover mysterious statues submerged 5 meters deep

A few fathoms from this French island, we come across noses with gigantic faces submerged under water…

There are totally unusual places in the seas of our globe where There are amazing sculptures visible only underwater. This is the case of the Christ of the Abyss by the Italian sculptor Guido Galletti who rests in the bay of San Fruttuoso in Italy and whose The copy is located in the bay of Key Lardo Island in Florida, of the mermaid Amphitrite and the Guardian of the Reef by the Canadian sculptor Simon Morris, submerged ;es off the coast of Grand Cayman in the Caribbean Sea, or even, 500 sculptures & human size of the English Jason deCaires Taylor, who rest in the depths of the Cancún underwater museum in Mexico…&nbsp ;All these works created by the hands of man aim to support the preservation of the oceans.< /p>

Since 2021, off the coast of Cannes, an underwater museum, the first underwater museum in France and the Mediterranean conducive to ; "recolonization" by the fauna and flora, allows you to admire the underwater works of Jason deCaires Taylor, this world-renowned sculptor who extended his his works from Cancun to the Bahamas via Lanzarote, Oslo or Grenada. About a hundred meters from the southern shore of the island Sainte-Marguerite, one of the natural jewels of the Bay of Cannes, visitors dive between 3 and 5 meters deep, with a snorkel and palm fronds, to admire 6 statues 2 meters high weighing 10 tonnes each, made by the artist British…

Diving in this French bay, we discover mysterious statues submerged 5 meters deep

Jason deCaires Taylor's faces pay homage à the man in the iron mask having been killed imprisoned 11 years on Sainte-Marguerite Island. © Maxime Tancon – Palais des Festivals Cannes

These astonishing masks, molded from from the face of anonymous Cannes residents, man, woman or child aged 7 à 78 years old, rest in the shallow waters of a sandy area reserved for nature. swimming and protected from boat anchorage. Equipped with his diving mask, the visitor only has to do so. open your eyes wide to find these works of art located at a distance of 84 132 meters from the shore. The sculptures, made in a specific marine material (a type of marine material) marine cement pad, neutral pH concrete produced from sand and micro-silicas, all reinforced with fiberglass) lends itself to the aesthetics of decomposition, rebirth and metamorphosis. Indeed, they become a refuge of choice for the algae, shells and fish that come to settle there. 

It's a real boon for the people of Cannes to be able to enjoy this surrealistic place, which allows you to admire the work of the ;committed artist; in favor of the protection of underwater environments, former diving instructor who became creator of the largest underwater sculpture museum in the world in Mexico. Accessible à all free of charge, the Cannes underwater comus offers a unique experience in the magnificent clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. herecircles of Lérins, while raising awareness of the protection of ecosystems. 

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