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Do you know this sign ? It can get you out of a dangerous situation

Many motorists are unaware of the meaning of this road sign, although it is very useful on the road.

Like any good motorist, you sometimes have to pass road signs without knowing their meaning. It must be said that there are more than 400 in France and that few holders of a driving license can do so. to be able to boast of knowing… half of it ! This has been lining our roads for almost 30 years. But this does not mean that the French know the meaning of this panel installed in the building. for the first time on January 5, 1995. Square in shape, it displays a sort of hammer drawn on the wall. in black on a white background surrounded by blue. You probably already have it. seen it, perhaps without paying attention, or have tried to do so. to understand what he meant… without finding the answer.

We easily grant you that its meaning is not simple to understand. guess. Is he there? to remind us to always travel with a crate à tools ? Is it used for indicate the possible presence of hammers on the roadway? That it is prohibited to hit other road users with hammers? Nothing of everything ça (and fortunately). This panel, called &eac; CE28 in the safety nomenclature road, was é designed to help motorists experiencing road accidents. big difficulties on the road.

Do you know this sign ? It can get you out of a dangerous situation

It in fact indicates the possibility of to contact a rapid repair workshop open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day in the event of a breakdown. It is found more frequently on highways at low speeds. the approach to service areas. It can be associated with &agrav; other specific signs, such as those indicating the presence of a gas station, tables for eating or even a children's play area . His presence, not obligatory, must assure the driver that a repairer will arrive at the scene of the immobilization of his vehicle within 30 minutes who follow his call &agrav; the emergency terminal.

&Being the victim of a breakdown on a highway is not very fun and can even be reversed. Driving is very dangerous due to the speed of vehicle traffic. The best is therefore to stay exposed for as short a time as possible. at risks. If the vehicle breakdown is minor, the repairer can carry out the repair on site or at the nearest motorway service area. . On the other hand, in the event of a major breakdown and if the car can no longer be driven at all, he has no other choice but to tow it to the nearest airport. his workshop. It is useful to know that repair prices are not set by the company. motorway but via a stop of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Sovereignty Industrial and Digital. Prices are therefore standardized throughout the country, so there is no need to cry wolf if the bill seems high to you (and it will be).

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