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This product sold at Action only costs a few euros, it gives your car a real makeover

It is in Action stores that you can find this inexpensive product to renovate your car.

Seeing (and being seen) well by car is the basis. This function is provided by the headlights, placed at the rear of the vehicle. the front of each vehicle. The light they project thanks to the bulbs nestled within them helps illuminate the road immersed in the # 39;darkness as soon as day falls. Driving at night without having activated the its lighting can also be very expensive since the fine, fourth class, is ;egrave;ve à 135 euros, revised à 90 euros if paid within 15 days. However, like any part, car headlights wear out and lose their effectiveness. over the years. D'où the importance of maintaining them regularly.

If you don't want to bother, the mechanics do it for you. But renovating headlight optics is expensive, particularly because it takes a little time. Allow around forty euros if polycarbonate, this lighter and less brittle plastic material which has little to no damage. small replacement The glass headlights of vehicles from the early 80s, are a little damaged. And not far from a hundred euros if the optics are in very poor condition. At this price, it is better to try to give a second life to your family. its own headlights. Baking soda and toothpaste are known for their effectiveness. in plastic polishing. But you can also find a cheap product on the market whose results might surprise you.

This product sold at Action only costs a few euros, it gives your car a real makeover

It's at Action that we can find him. In this specialized store you will find everything you need. in the hard-discount, we find a headlight repairer in the form of a 100ml tube for barely more than 3 euros. And there's no need to use all of it. From the tube, a dab of this lotion is enough to renovate a headlight by rubbing it vigorously with a microfiber cloth. The result is stunning, the headlights regain a beautiful shine and let the light shine fully again. To keep it in good condition, we advise you to repeat the operation every six months. Do the math, with one tube per year, the savings are considerable!

The Highway Code stipulates that it is prohibited to drive a car with defective or dirty headlights which do not allow sufficient light to pass through. In the event of a check, the police may arrest you and impose a third class fine in the amount of 68' nbsp;euros. It can be reduced to a minimum. 45 euros or increased to 180 euros depending on the payment deadline.

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