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Is Netflix favoring quantity over quality?  ?” /></p>
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<p>Does Netflix favor quantity over quality? This is the question that Scott Stuber, head of films for the streaming platform, addressed in a recent interview with Variety.</p>
<p>The manager recognizes that when it comes to feature films, quantity initially took precedence over quality:</p>
<p>We were in the process of developing a new studio. We had only been doing this for a few years and we were up against century-old companies. We must therefore ask ourselves what our business model is. For a while it was just about making sure we had enough. We needed volume.</p>
<h2>Less daring productions?</h2>
<p>However, he promises, this strategy is indeed finished. In 2024, the entertainment giant will only release 25 to 30 films per year, instead of one per week. They will be scrutinized even more closely before their release. We can also see that this policy did not prevent Netflix from releasing gems such as <em>The Irishman</em> by Martin Scorsese, or even <em>Roma</em> by Alfonso Cuarrón, for cite only these two great filmmakers.</p>
<p>Besides, this point of view is clearly not shared by everyone. In <em>“Pandora’s Box”</em>, a recently published book, the famous American critic, Peter Biskind, argues on the contrary that the emergence of streaming platforms initially allowed many niches thrive with bold ideas.</p>
<p>He believes that today, this golden age is well and truly over in favor of series that are much more formatted and without taking risks. Likewise, Netflix no longer hesitates to cancel productions if they do not perform as well as hoped, even if part of the public praises their quality. We think in particular of <em>1899</em> the gem from the creators of <em>Dark</em> which did not have its chance.</p>
<p>This movement of deterioration in quality also affects the other platforms. Crises erupt internally, and our colleagues at <em>The Economist</em> mention the case of this HBO boss who didn't know much about series and wondered if we couldn't produce <em> Game of Thrones</em> in a 20-minute format to dedicate it to mobiles.</p>
<p>What to remember:</p>
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  • Scott Stuber, head of Netflix films, acknowledges that the streaming platform favored quantity over quality in its early days
  • This strategy is over, according to him
  • D' other observers believe that with regard to series, the quality has on the contrary tended to decrease in recent years
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