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Does the Apple Vision Pro headset have a manufacturing defect ?

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Sold for 3,499 US dollars, the Vision Pro is expensive. Very expensive, even, especially if compared to the average price of other mixed reality headsets on the market. It is therefore not a good idea to damage it. However, many users of the new version of Apple report that its front window cracks quickly after the first requests. It must be said that the device has only been officially available since February 2: that was not long ago. What's more, the various testimonies that we took the time to consult report that the breakage would in fact have appeared without the slightest fault on the part of the owner…

Of course, these comments should be considered with caution. It would not be very surprising if several customers tried to get reimbursed without admitting their clumsiness. For others, remember that the manufacturer does not mention the slightest protection “Ceramic Shield” within the official Vision Pro technical sheet. And for good reason: according to videographer JerryRigEverything, who also took charge of the device, the latter is actually covered in plastic at the front. No ice like on the iPhone, therefore, or even tempered glass protection. Judge for yourself; it's better not to attack the beast too violently:

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Repairs are very expensive too

Let's say you broke the front of your Vision Pro. First of all, know that it is probably only the plastic covering which covers the real exterior slab which is broken. But let's move on. Now it's time to replace everything. Here, Apple offers a single plan. Count on nearly 700 euros if you have not taken out AppleCare+ insurance. This is the amount that will be requested from you in the Apple Store or in an approved partner store, such as iConcept. Alternatively, a more affordable deductible exists for those who opt for a damage defense package. Details are available on the headset order page, which, as a reminder, is currently only accessible to residents of the United States.

The Vision Pro should also be made available for the European market. Only, here it is: Apple has not yet specified the release date of the mount here. However, rumors suggest that the schedule could be revealed before the Worldwide Developer Conference. This is an event organized by Cupertino, most often in June. For the occasion, we should also discover the second version of visionOS, the Vision Pro operating system. At the same time, you should also expect to be able to download iOS 17 and the next edition of macOS in beta version.

Some best practices to know

To properly protect your Apple Vision Pro, here are some wise tips:

  • Always use the bag provided by the manufacturer when you need to carry the Apple Vision Pro with you
  • when traveling by plane , always choose your Apple Vision Pro and its official bag as cabin baggage, this will prevent it from being mishandled in the hold (what's more, we know that the geolocation functionality with the Locate app does not work both on headphones and on iPhone or Mac)
  • always use the protective cover for the Vision Pro screen, when you are not wearing it
  • never place the Vision Pro face down on the ground without its cover ; this will further prevent scratches
  • install a screen protector on the front (third-party models are available on Amazon or Rakuten)< /li>
  • activate password locking as soon as it is offered by visionOS (an additional advantage against theft)
  • opt for AppleCare+ insurance upon purchase (monthly plans are the most affordable at the beginning)
  • n& #8217;use only official charging cables; It’s not uncommon to have seen Apple limit the compatibility of third-party accessories in the past
  • Many Apple Vision Pro users report the case of a crack on the front side
  • This one does not&#8217 ;is not made of glass but of plastic
  • The screen is protected by plastic, but replacing the front panel is still very expensive
  • Always use the Vision Pro screen protector when not wearing it

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