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We tested Humane AI Pin: the promise of a future without smartphones

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In 2023, Humane AI, an American start-up created by former Apple employees, was shaking up the world of Tech. This young company promises to make you keep your phone in your pocket while continuing to use nearly 90% of its features. A bold bet but one that does not lack interest at a time when screens have transformed our societies.

Thanks to ChatGPT conversational artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI, Humane AI allows you to access information, translate, listen to music and more other things with a simple gesture. No need to take out your phone for most everyday uses.

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Discreet, simple and full of AI

We tested Humane AI Pin: the promise of a future without smartphones

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Humane AI Pin is therefore a small pin that is attached to clothing at chest level. Connected to the 5G network, it is very easy to control. With a simple press, you turn on the device to query it, launch a feature (music for example) or request a translation.

In the corridors of the MWC, with an unstable connection, we obtained impressive response times, almost instantaneous. If you are in a noisy environment (this was our case), a laser projector displays the answers to queries on your hand. By tilting your hand from one side to the other, you scroll through the text. This gesture also highlights buttons (e.g. pause for music). A pinching gesture with two fingers validates the action, closing the fist allows you to return to home.

We tested Humane AI Pin: the promise of a future without smartphones

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Here again, Humane AI Pin impresses with its stability and fluidity. During our handling, we learned the gestures in a few seconds barely. If the green monochrome display takes us back several years, the fluidity of the interface and the recognition of gestures amazed us.

Are you polished or not polished?

We tested Humane AI Pin: the promise of a future without smartphones

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Ken Kocienda, one of the two founders of Humane AI, as well as several executives from the company, gave us some details on their approach. Humane AI wants to be a technology that allows you to stay connected to the world and to humans at the same time. Their philosophy is to not interrupt interactions in a rude or even impolite manner between human beings. Remain open to the real world while having access to the digital world.

And it works! For a little over thirty minutes, our discussions with Human AI executives were punctuated by technical demonstrations that were much less intrusive than if we had had to consult a smartphone. According to a company executive, Humane AI enables the transition from the age of apps to the era of conversations.

We tested Humane AI Pin: the promise of a future without smartphones

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For the moment, the bet seems promising. The most skeptical members of the editorial staff were won over by the demonstrations. This does not remove the technical weaknesses of the product: a somewhat sparse autonomy and a graphic interface from another time. A first version that could be improved but which suggests a connected future… different. What if this was the future?

Humane AI Pin will be released in the United States within a month. The company is looking for partners (notably operators) to launch the product in Europe. Wait and see.

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