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'Don't do that': This expert explains how to properly clean your phone and puts an end to a popular belief

While it is important to regularly clean your phone to maintain it, there are steps you can take to maintain it. Avoid so as not to damage it.

Did you know that the screen of your phone is a real little nest for information? bacteria ? According to several studies, the multiple daily handling of our smartphone makes it one of the objects with the most bacteria in our everyday environment. It is therefore quite natural to take care of it and clean it regularly enough to get rid of it!

Aside from the issue of bacteria, a regularly maintained phone also has a greater tendency to develop bacteria. last longer. The accumulation of dust and other undesirable substances within the connectors of a telephone is a serious risk. Avoid & at any cost so as not to damage the structure of the device. Indeed, a poorly maintained phone can quickly tend to deteriorate. overheat and therefore à further damage its components in the long term.

'Don't do that': This expert explains how to properly clean your phone and puts an end to a popular belief

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is an independent agency of the American government, specializing in telecommunications and mobile devices. The latter notably presented several instructions so that users can properly clean and disinfect their phones. In its press release, the FCC provides several warnings for users who wish to clean their smartphone correctly. Among the latter, the commission indicates in particular that you should definitely not place your phone under water to clean it. This is valid even if your device has a waterproof certification. ! FCC experts however, make more recommendations:

  • Unplug your phone before any cleaning operation.
  • Ensure à ensure that the latter is completely extinguished.
  • Do not spray the product directly on the device, but on a cloth.
  • Do not use à based on bleach or other abrasive substance.
  • Keep out any other liquids during cleaning.

To effectively clean your phone's screen, use a soft cloth. Avoid handkerchiefs, paper towels and tea towels which could quickly damage the device. In fact, all it takes is a very small grain of sand or a small pebble stuck in the surface. in these to permanently scratch your screen. Use a little 99% isopropyl alcohol or demineralized water on your cloth then gently rub your screen. Don't hesitate to join us! insist a little in case of a stubborn stain. In the event of a scratch, you will unfortunately have to replace the screen of the device or purchase protection.

Once your screen is clean, it's time to tackle the rest of the phone. For charging ports and Jack, it is recommended to bring a small pair of pliers Remove hair and remove any dust or other undesirable items lodged in the body. inside. Above all, do not pass any liquid through it. inside these little conduits! It is also possible to have a small cleaning brush. teeth for rubbing &agrav; inside, but be careful outside. do not leave a hair à inside and go smoothly. If you have a shell, remove it and run it under hot water before letting it dry completely. It is recommended' ;eacute; You should carry out this type of cleaning fairly regularly in order to properly maintain your phone. A wipe two &agrav; three times a week allows à your device to remain in good condition for a long time.

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