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Hack: Why did you receive an email with login codes ?

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Multi-factor authentication is now common practice. It has therefore become customary to connect to certain services using a password, but also via an additional verification method (for example a code received by e-mail or SMS). This is an additional guarantee of security which makes the task of hackers more difficult. But imagine a situation where you receive this type of message even though you haven't tried to connect.

In a very interesting blog post, the cybersecurity company Kaspersky returned to this scenario. This can particularly happen in the case of a hacking attempt when the hackers were able to obtain your password and attempt to access your account. Malicious actors can also plan their misdeeds by tricking you into revealing your password to them. Sometimes it can also be a simple error, and some platforms require an identification code by default before requiring your password.

Comment avoid the worst ?

In any case, under no circumstances should you click on the confirmation button if the message is in the form Yes or no. Don't log in anywhere or share your account with anyone, experts warn. Also, do not click on any links that may be embedded in this email.

It is also very likely that cybercriminals have possession of your password. It is therefore advisable to manually access the service and modify it by making it as complex as possible. You will then obtain a new confirmation code (this time it's normal) and you will complete it on the page.

In case they have your password that you would not have changed yet, it is possible that hackers bombard you incessantly with verification codes. Their goal is to trick you into committing a mistake in the hope that you will click confirm, which would allow them to access the account.

Using a suitable antivirus solution is a plus and allows you to anticipate the worst. We have also put together a guide for you which lists the best solutions on the market. We can also advise you to go to the haveibeenpwned site and enter your primary and secondary email addresses to see if they have been compromised by a data leak. This will allow you to anticipate risks and prevent cybercriminals from taking action.

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