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Dyson Airstrait test: it dries, it smoothes, it revolutionizes hair

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After disrupting the vacuum cleaner market, Dyson tackled the beauty market with its very first hair dryer, released in 2016. The years go by and the British brand has expanded this range of products with several devices intended for hair care. hair. Today, the Dyson Airstrait joins the Dyson Airwrap, the Dyson Supersonic and the Dyson Corrale.

If Dyson styling appliances are so successful, it is because the British brand incorporates all of its innovation and cutting-edge technologies. Whether it's the Supersonic hair dryer, the Corrale straightener or the versatile Airwrap (capable of drying, curling, sculpting and straightening hair), Dyson has proven itself among consumers eager for pretty hairstyles worthy of the best professional salons without too much effort, and without damaging the hair.

With the Dyson Airstrait, the brand goes further. Announced as completely innovative, Dyson promises to save us a lot of time since its new device dries and straightens our hair simultaneously. But what is it really?? Does the Dyson Airstrait live up to our expectations?? For several weeks, we integrated it into our hair routine. Here's what we thought…

Brand new, very beautiful, it is available on the official Dyson website as well as other official resellers. The Dyson Airstrait is sold at a price of 499 euros.

Doing your hair can be a real pain. No matter how much we observe the actions of our hairdresser, it is almost mission impossible to obtain the same result once at home. With the Dyson Airstrait, the British brand wants us to save time and allow us to obtain a stunning result without going through the hassle “hairdresser”. If you are used to straightening your hair, you will know that it is strongly recommended not to use a straightener on damp hair. In addition, by using heating plates, straighteners still damage the hair a little.

Dyson Airstrait test: it dries, it smoothes, it revolutionizes hair

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With the Dyson Airstrait, it only takes a few minutes for your hair to be impeccably dry and smooth. The Dyson dryer is easy to use and is remarkably intuitive to use. It has an LCD screen and five buttons: one for switching on, one for choosing the mode (on dry or wet hair), one for choosing cold air or not, one for ventilation and one for the temperature (from 80°C to 140°C on damp hair, from 120°C to 140°C on dry hair). The real gray area is its PRCD socket, designed for your safety and comfort. Dyson indicates that you must press the TEST button then the RESET button each time you use it. We have already seen more practical…

When you turn on the Dyson Airstrait, the device launches a super-fast cleaning cycle. Then it's up to you. With wet hair, it is necessary to pass over the strands several times. But in about ten minutes, the trick is done and your hair is both dry and smooth. With a hairdryer then a straightener, it usually takes double or even triple the time. Simple, quick, effective… It's hard to do better.

Also, considering all the technology the Dyson Airstrait is equipped with, we are surprised by its relatively light weight. And we say “relatively”. If it weighs its weight, the device is not too heavy to use for several minutes at a time. It's always a good idea.

As soon as you take the Dyson Airstrait out of its box, you find the Dyson paste. In terms of colors, first of all, a pretty Prussian blue and notes of intense copper, but also and above all by its atypical design. Yes, at least that is necessary for such an innovative product.

Dyson Airstrait test: it dries, it smoothes, it revolutionizes hair

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But how can the Dyson Airstrait dry and straighten hair simultaneously ? Without heating plates, Dyson guarantees no thermal damage using Airstrait. It is its powerful directional flow that allows hair to be dried and aligned. As if by magic. For optimal results, the device is equipped with the Dyson Hyperdymium motor, powerful enough to straighten hair while drying it. We thus find a 13-blade propeller which rotates up to 106,000 revolutions per minute and which propels 11.9 liters of air into the device per second. All this generates an air pressure of 3.6 kPa, which means that your hair is extremely well styled after using it.

I was particularly curious to try the Dyson Airstrait. Not straight, not curly, not really wavy… My hair has its own will. A little thick, but not too much, I often struggle to obtain a really satisfactory result, as if I had just left the hairdresser, with my hairdryer. It’s not for lack of trying, however! If I want to straighten my hair, there's no way I'll think about it on hair wash day, because drying it and then straightening it takes way too much time. For me, the Dyson Airstrait therefore presented itself as a miracle with its many promises.

Dyson Airstrait test: it dries, it smoothes, it revolutionizes hair

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During our test of the Dyson Airstrait, I have never had so many compliments on my hair. And to think that it only took me about ten minutes to obtain this result fascinates me. I promise, it’s without exaggeration. Even better ? The Dyson Airstrait offers a “glossy” effect thanks to the use of lower temperatures. Which makes the hair even more beautiful after using it.

What is very pleasant about the Dyson Airstrait is also the fact that the hair is smooth, but not flat. This is often the risk when using a straightener: the hair is “too” stiff, straight like chopsticks. The Dyson Airstrait aligns the hair. And that makes all the difference. Thus, the hair is smooth but it is still supple. If you are looking for wand straightening, it is probably better to go your way. Especially since after testing it on loved ones, we see that the Dyson Airstrait has its limits. Indeed, people with thicker, curly or frizzy hair will not benefit from truly lasting results.

The biggest problem with the Dyson Airstrait, ultimately, is its lack of portability. Wired, the Dyson Aistrait is connected to a PRCD socket, to ensure better safety since your device will be close to water or water vapor. Not only does Dyson recommend pressing both buttons before each use, but on top of that, it is colossal.

If you plan to take your Dyson Airstrait on your vacations, weekends or business trips, you can give it up. The Dyson Airstrait and its power supply weigh heavily. But this massive grip is the only solution to lighten the device itself and so that the user does not have arm cramps. In terms of user experience, Dyson didn't have much of a choice.

Dyson Airstrait test: it dries, it smoothes, it revolutionizes hair

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Although we understand Dyson's choice, we cannot help but find this lack of portability of the Dyson Airstrait still very annoying. So, you will have to learn to do without your new best friend when you travel, or make plenty of room for him in your suitcase or backpack. For those who like to travel light, therefore, it is better to forget.

After integrating the Dyson Airstrait into our hair routine for several weeks, the verdict is rather positive. Despite its flaws (which should not be overlooked), I have never loved my hair as much as using the Dyson drying straightener. Surely the nature of my hair played a big role and I am lucky to have “the right hair” for this product.

The Dyson Airstrait has a price and it is not for all budgets: 499 euros. But when we see that the Dyson Corrale straightener is marketed at 449 euros, or only 50 euros less, the price of the Dyson Airstrait seems almost reasonable. Especially since all the innovation and cutting-edge technology it carries easily justifies this price.

With this new device, the British brand puts all its innovation at your service and guarantees you to save time and obtain a result worthy of a professional hair salon. If you like to have straight (or at least straight) hair, the Dyson Airstrait will quickly pay for itself.

Apart from its lack of portability, we especially regret the absence of a pouch or a box to store it. At almost 500 euros per device, we would really have liked to have something to take great care of it. In the box of the Dyson Airstrait, we simply find a piece of heat-resistant fabric which is of little interest… There is nothing to be upset about really with the Dyson Airstrait, but it's still a shame for such a premium product.

If you don't have the courage to read this whole test, here is our opinion on the Dyson Airstrait in less than a minute:

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