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Don't miss Samuel on Arte: a nugget of animation that takes us back to childhood

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Samuel is 10 years old and he has a problem. That idiot Basil told big Julie that Samuel loves her. But in truth, the boy has several problems. Already, he loves the big Julie, but what's more, he can't screw Dimitri (who is just showing off), his mother has prepared beef with carrots, the mistress isn't nice and he doesn't ;#8217;is no longer really sure of being cool… Samuel recounts all his problems in his diary. And to us. Here, in broad terms, is the animated series Samuel.

Available since last month on Arte.tv, Samuel won over viewers in the blink of an eye. On social networks, positive opinions are multiplying. It is almost impossible to escape it. Hailed for its nostalgia and accuracy, the animated series is a real gem. Here's why you shouldn't miss it.

Simplicity wins

Samuelis an animated series written and directed by Emilie Tronche. The young woman even doubles the voices of her childish characters. If Samuel stands out, it is first and foremost for its “particular” aesthetic. Minimalist drawings and a white background (or black, when it's night), Emilie Tronche doesn't need much more to immerse us in the world of her main character. Samuel proves that it is not necessary to go all out to be successful. Sometimes going simple works even better. Because behind this “draft” side, the animation of the series is mastered to perfection.

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If we can smile at the existential problems of a 10-year-old child, Samuel nevertheless addresses very universal subjects. The animated series above all succeeds in accurately and precisely transcribing this strange period, between childhood and pre-adolescence, and should speak to as many people as possible. The characters in the series are imbued with innocence and spontaneity and this makes them endearing.

Emilie Tronche takes a look full of kindness on the children, and on the little girl she was at the time. Because we feel that the director has dug into her own memories to offer us Samuel. Nostalgia hits us hard, the series taking place in 2006. In the era of Diddl sheets, Zizou's headbutt and MSN. The writing of the series is very poetic, sincere and melancholy. Samuel is both our little brother and a part of us.

The strength of Samuel is also its format. The series includes 21 episodes of approximately 5 minutes. So it's hard not to binge-watcher. Internet users, particularly those born in the late 90s, are full of praise for Samuel. Because the series has something deeply comforting. A cuddly toy that takes us back to childhood where our biggest problems were harvesting the most beautiful Diddl leaves, taking care of our puppies on Nintendogs (exit to play secretly after bedtime) and to be cool. Or, at least, trying to be.

If you don't know what to watch right now, rush to this animated gem. The icing on the cake ? All episodes of Samuel are available for free on Arte.tv and on the Courts Ouverts d’Arte YouTube channel. Not to spoil our enjoyment, the soundtrack of the series is brilliant.

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