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Sugar: why I loved this gem from Apple TV+ ?

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Since April 5, Sugar has been launched on Apple TV+. I might as well tell you straight away, while watching the first episode of this series, I was getting ready to quickly move on to something else. I actually had little confidence in its creator, Mark Protosevich, who worked on the screenplay for the disappointing I Am Legend with Will Smith. As for Colin Farrell, who plays the main character, he is capable of the best and the worst. I was wrong. Sugar is a real gem, a UFO of the kind that we rarely see in television production.

An addictive story

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In this series, we follow the adventures of John Sugar (Jean Sucre, a name predestined for a hero who is a cream), a private detective who is responsible for investigating the disappearance of Olivia Siegel, a young resident of Los Angeles who hasn't given any sign of life for two weeks. The latter is none other than the granddaughter and daughter of renowned Hollywood producers.

What starts out very classically will very quickly become more complex. The plot quickly becomes paranoid and stirs our brains at will. Especially since we also want to know more about this super endearing protagonist.

A private detective wholesome

Some watch cat videos or cute content to relax. They should watch this fiction, as the appearance of John Sugar is salutary. We immediately feel that this detective is not like the others. He explains to us that he doesn't like guns and violence, even if he doesn't hesitate to use force when necessary.

This very gentle and human hero leads a monastic and solitary life. His priesthood: investigations and in particular the one that interests us here and which awakens certain demons. With his brushed hair from another time, his convertible Corvette and his passion for 1940s film noir, John Sugar seems to live in the past. Don't worry, he still has an iPhone (we're on Apple TV+) and he knows how to hack cars or place surveillance cameras to advance his investigation.

A wonderful achievement

There is one last very good surprise in Sugar: this series is a treasure of staging. This will undoubtedly not please all spectators, but we delight in these sequences which avoid any excessive chatter and manage to show us the hero's traumas thanks to a few modifications of the image ratio, sudden accelerations, ruptures, blurs, and transitions from color to black and white with extracts from feature films of yesteryear… The whole thing is enhanced by calm and gentle music which fits perfectly with the psyche of this delicious detective.

The 8 episodes of Sugar can be seen on Apple TV+.

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