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Don't miss the new 2024 standards for your wood heating

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Wood heating is no longer a backup solution and is now establishing itself as a heating method increasingly used in France. The market is in good health, with, according to Ademe (Environment and Energy Management Agency), “annual consumption of 7, 3 million tonnes of oil equivalent ”. Currently, 7 million homes use wood heating in the country. A figure that has been growing significantly for several years; growth which is necessarily accompanied by new standards. Here are the ones you need to be aware of.

Innovations and ecological issues

To reduce its ecological impact, wood heating has benefited d’ rather important innovations over the past fifteen years. No more simple fireplace fire! Wood boilers with boiler, combustion based on gasification or hybrid emitters, the sector has not escaped high-tech. Even more so if we consider the increase in the heating bill in recent years, which also played a catalytic role in the adoption of wood fires for heating your interior.

The craze for this method of heating is, therefore, in full growth. In 2022, sales of pellet stoves increased by 16% and those of biomass boilers by 24%.

However, despite progress, wood heating is far from being perfect from an ecological point of view. The combustion of wood emits greenhouse gases, but also fine particles. The residential sector is the one that emits the most of these harmful particles, responsible for 40,000 annual deaths, according to Santé Publique France. To mitigate this, there is a solution: improve the stock by renewing the appliances and eliminate open, polluting and much less efficient fireplaces.

New legal obligations< /h2>

Faced with these challenges, new obligations in terms of maintenance and chimney sweeping have been established by a decree and an order of July 20, 2023. These new rules are integrated into the Public Health Code.

To remain within the legal framework, users will have to carry out a annual maintenance of all kitchen appliances, heating or hot water production operating by combustion.

Chimney sweeping must be carried out by qualified craftsmen. They are the only ones who can subsequently issue a maintenance certificate, essential for home insurance. They can also provide practical advice to users to minimize pollution from their devices. For its part, Ademe recommends choosing devices labeled “Flamme Verte 7 stars ”, less polluting and eligible for government aid.

The wood industry plays a increasing rolein the renewable energy consumed by French households, these new obligations are good news. Although they will never completely eliminate the pollution caused by this method of heating, they still encourage us to use it more responsibly.

  • The wood heating sector is booming in France.
  • Numerous innovations have enabled this method of heating to be increasingly adopted in the territory.
  • A decree and an order of July 20, 2023 put in place new heating standards 8217;maintenance and chimney sweeping to reduce its ecological impact.

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