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Obesity rate quadrupled: very worrying new report revealed

A new study reveals that the milestone of one billion people with obesity is rising. in the world has been é crossed. The progression has been é dazzling over the last thirty years.

March 4 will mark World Obesity Day, a problem that has caused face &agrav; great progress over the last thirty years. It would, in fact, now concern more than a billion people in the world. Thus, one in eight inhabitants would be affected, according to a recent study published in the journal The Lancet< /em>, carried out in collaboration with the World Health Organization and based on data from approximately 220 million people in 190 countries. The evolution of obesity was é faster than expected: according to one of the main authors of the study, Professor Majid Ezzati, the threshold of one billion was initially expected for  2030.

More precisely, the obedience rate increased. quadrupled among children and doubled among children. among adults between 1990 and 2022: 879 million adults and 159 million children in 2022 compared to respectively 195 million and 31 million in 1990. ;also tripled among men going from 4.8% &agrav; 14% while among women, the rate jumped by 8.8% & 18.5% over the last thirty years.

Obsession leading to an increase in mortality linked to other diseases such as diabetes or cancer, the WHO is sounding the alarm. According to the organization, malnutrition is constantly increasing with a certain lack of action to limit this phenomenon. She gave examples of possible solutions that would not be applied enough: the tax on sugary drinks, the subsidy of foods that are better for health; or even the limitation of marketing for unhealthy foods, particularly intended for children. Depending on the organization, the problem of # 39;obedience has become epidemic for several years. 

France on the other hand

The obedience rate is increasing. would have notably increased in regions of the world beyond low-income populations like Polynesia (60% of adults obese), in the Caribbean, in the Middle East or in North Africa. These regions now have high rates of obedience. higher than those of most industrialized countries, particularly European ones. "In the past, we tended to consider obedience “as a problem of rich countries, now it is a global problem”, analyzed the director of the department nutrition and safety Food Directorate of the WHO Francesco Branca, during a press conference. 

Nevertheless, the United States is still one of the most affected countries with a number of people suffering from obedience ; who doubled in thirty years: 21% à 43% for women and 16% for women 41% among men. On the contrary, according to Majid Ezzati, France is one of the countries where there is a high number of men. "signs of inflection" 17% of French adults are obese, as are 4% of children and adolescents, rather low rates compared to others. ;#39;other countries. 

Teilor Stone

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