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Doritos launches an AI that removes the noise of its video chips

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In videoconferencing, there is nothing more irritating than hearing the sound of another person chewing in front of their microphone. And it is even more irritating when the person eats chips. But the good news, or not, is that Doritos has found a solution to allow its consumers to eat chips during video sessions and without disturbing others: artificial intelligence.

You're probably already familiar with noise canceling AI that reduces background noise on PCs, smartphones or video conferencing apps. Doritos AI works the same way, but instead of removing background noise, it will remove chip chewing sounds.

The software, called Doritos Silent, is available on PC. But it could arrive on other platforms later. According to the Wall Street Journal, Smooth Technology, the company that worked with Doritos on this project, recorded 500 people eating Doritos. This made it possible to simulate 5,000 different chewing noises. Using these sounds, they were able to train artificial intelligence capable of separating chip chewing from other noises (including people talking). And if the AI ​​was trained exclusively with Doritos, it should have no problem suppressing noises generated by other brands.

A wink to gamers

To use this AI, simply install Doritos Silent on your PC. This should mask your chewing noises, no matter what video conferencing app you use. However, the software was, above all, designed for gamers. Indeed, it turns out that gamers love to snack and that chewing noises can disturb other players when it comes to an online game where you communicate with a microphone. This was revealed by a Doritos survey of 3,000 people living in China, India, Portugal, and the United States.

For example, 90  % of people surveyed in the United States admitted that they snack while playing. But at the same time, the majority indicated that they are bothered by the noises of chips, when another player eats them.

  • Doritos launches Doritos Silent, an AI that hides the noise of chips
  • It allows you to snack without turning off your microphone during video conferences or when playing online
  • Doritos developed this software with gamers in mind, who love to snack while playing, but who are also bothered by noise

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