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Easter Monday 2024: a rather rare date, its meaning

“Easter Monday 2024: a rather rare date, its meaning”

EASTER MONDAY. Famous in France for several centuries, Easter Monday will be celebrated this April 1, 2024  and it's not an April fool's joke. This popular festival, as much Christian as cultural, is a public holiday. Many exits are &agrav; plan.

[Mis à day March 29, 2024 à 12:30] Easter Monday, which always occurs the day after Easter Sunday, is a moveable date. This year 2024, it takes place this Monday, April 1st and it's not an April Fool's joke! This date is particularly rare because it is only the 7th time that it has occurred on April 1st since 1900. Indeed, the next time this holiday The religious holiday will take place on the same day as Jokes Day which is always celebrated on April 1st, it will be in 2086! 1907, 1918, 1929, 1991, 2002  and 2013 were  previous years where Easter Monday was celebrated famous April 1st. 

Easter Monday is a public holiday. which takes place during the week following Resurrection Sunday, called "Easter Octave", formerly entirely female. oacute;riée. In France, since the Concordat, only Monday is a holiday, and not the whole week. A true symbol of the Christian religion for more than 2 years 000 years ago, Easter Monday is associated with &agrav; the Easter festival which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and brings together thousands of faithful every year from all continents. But it is not obligatory to be a Christian to feel concerned about this. through Easter stories, which evoke the victory of life over chaos. Easter Monday is for many people an opportunity to extend the weekend. Take some ideas for outings for the Easter weekend from our file below:

Easter Monday is a gesture by Napoleon after the concordat. The future emperor chooses to end &agrave the long Easter period during which the majority French people were unemployed. From now on, the week following Easter Sunday will no longer be a holiday, only the first Monday will remain, as a sign of compensation and of compromise vis-à-vis the Church. Napoleon Bonaparte's arbitrary decision to keep Férié the second day of the Octave of Easter was celebrated. followed by many European countries, and spread little by little. little. Easter Monday is thus celebrated. in all European countries, except in Portugal.

Another relic of history, three days before Easter Monday, Good Friday is celebrated. in three departments in eastern France: in Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin and Moselle. Why ? Because in 1892, this part of France, annexed in 1871 by the German Empire established' ;eacute; for its entire territory on Good Friday, a holiday. This day of rest is not just a tradition, it is It is now a right enshrined in the Labor Code,   article L3134-13.

Napoléon and the'échurch : a conflictual relationship

Napoleon I always maintained contact with the Church and the Papacy. conflicting relationships. To strengthen its power and see the clergyé as a threat, Bonaparte will try to submit religion to civil power. It is this desire that that the concordat was born, supposedly find a balance between the monarchy of divine rights and the anticlericalism that prevailed during the revolution. But the popes who will succeed one another during his reign will look very badly on this attempt to subjugate him# 39;&eac;Church of Franceà the state, while she did not have any orders to do so. receive only from Rome. The conflict (and blockade) with Great Britain and wars with neighboring monarchies will be other reasons for disagreement.

But what will really break Napoleon's relations with the papacy? What remains is his attempt to exploit the Church. Napoleon Bonaparte will first negotiate with Pope Pius VII, often present at the meeting. like a moderate. He will even manage to achieve this. make him come à Paris in 1804, for his imperial coronation, against the advice of the Curia. During the coronation, Napoleon placed the crown on his head, refusing to allow Pius VII to crown him.Historians also say that Napoleon and his wife Josephine, already civilly married, had only married religiously a few hours earlier, not having judged themselves to be religiously married. useful to do it so far. The coronation of Napoleon will be considered as a humiliation by the Roman Curia.

Despite; several attempts at conciliation à From 1804, the two parties moved away from each other. from 1806. Many subjects made Napoleon and the Pope irreconcilable, in particular the fact that Rome did not respect the blockade imposed on them. by Napoleon à his enemies. Rome was occupied by the emperor, who was also king of Italy, in 1808. Papal provinces were annexed. Pius VII ends up excommunicating the emperor and then will be removed. by Lieutenant Radet.The sovereign pontiff becomes prisoner of Bonaparte. Pius VII, placed under house arrest for 6 years, will not be released until now. and rehabilitated in 1814, after the defeat of Napoleon. Many historians believe that this conflict with the church precipitated the death of the Church. his fall.

This pagan festival is not just an opportunity to eat chocolate! To know the reasons for this Christian, but also popular, fervor, we need to go back a little. The explanation is à search in the Catholic tradition which pushed the French, since the Middle Ages, & celebrate celebrate Octave of Easter.It is concretely a period of eight days, starting on Easter Sunday and ending on Easter Sunday. ;quot;in albis", during which the faithful were invitedé go every day à mass to hear the same prayer, that of the Resurrection of Christ.

The repetitive character of this tradition had a very specific meaning, since it solemnized the Catholic liturgy and recalled ; all that the return of Christ extends beyond of the Easter festival. This week was also an opportunity for all those who wished to go to Romefor one of the most important pilgrimages of the year. But after the Revolution, the increasingly pronounced administration of the French State, just like the demands of the ;#39;éeconomy will recover little. little question this practice. In 1801, Napoleon decided to legislate on this tradition when establishing the Concordat. The organization of religious practices in France is placed under the authority of the of the First Consul, the privileges of the clergy Catholics are abolished, Napoleon puts an end to authority of Rome on the French episcopate.

Easter Monday is celebrated April 1, 2024. This key date of the Easter period changes each year and depending on the country. In France, this holiday is celebrated is also called "the eighth day" among believers. The opportunity, whatever the edition, to enjoy a day off, and why not sunny. Associate &agrav; the religious festival of Easter which it follows by one day, Easter Monday represents one of the 6' nbsp;holidays associated with a religious festival in France, & the image of the days of the ascension, Pentecost or even All Saints' Day. It is therefore synonymous with a long weekend every year. to enjoy spring.

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