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This colorful house located an hour from Paris is home to a quirky and enchanting universe

Baptisé the "Moulin Jaune", this refuge of the clown Slava Polunin is a hidden nugget of French heritage.

A yellow house straight out of a fairy tale, covered in childish frescoes created by Brazilian street artists, chairs & nbsp;hanging à a Japanese cherry tree, a small Korean house filled with teas brought from Asia in a 4 hectare classified plot of land. "remarkable garden", a moon-shaped water pool, a swing surrounded by rose bushes, a colorful caravan…&nbsp ;Welcome to the world of Russian clown Slava Polunin, worthy of the world of Alice in Wonderland

Niché &agrav; Crécy-la-Chapelle in Seine-et-Marne (77) in the &Ile-de-France region, the Moulin Jaune shelters a wonderful and dreamlike world which offers a break from nature. is enchanted à its visitors, &agrav; less than an hour from the capital. It's in this green setting that the Russian clown Slava Polunin, founder of the < em> Slava's Snowshowand numerous street shows, has been bringing to life a creative laboratory since the year 2,000. his image, où around fifty artists of all kinds reside for several days. The Moulin Jaune thus became the headquarters of the "Académie des fous" over which he presides, and his motto in Russian is engraved on the red path which winds along the Grand Morin river: "Ne don't grow up, it's a trap.

This colorful house located an hour from Paris is home to a quirky and enchanting universe

"The Yellow Mill symbolizes an art of living that combines creation, nature and daily life", explains Sara Lubtchansky, delegate The general building of the Moulin Jaune, at Parisien. "Here, we like to take our time, to party". This real breath of air located in ;e à about forty kilometers from Paris where the russian artist has staged his offbeat universe. and colorful, populated of unusual objects, thus allowing you to escape from the gloomy mood of your life. and almost to suspend time. "The first ten years we lived without a watch, without a clock, without a mirror. Here we don't age, time is suspended.

This unique spot, including the immense park of the estate, an ode to nature childhood and freedom, has been classified "Regional heritage of'&Ile de France" in 2018, is &agrav; discover & through events organized on weekends on its official website. from April until April autumn 2024, reservation required. If the house of the Moulin Jaune cannot be visited because it is inhabited by Slava, half of it can be visited. of the year, its enchanting garden is open to the public during events. Pink walk, tea dancing, special shows at the Paris Olympic Games, this will be an opportunity to take in the sights.

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