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Eating this very common fruit an hour before bed helps you sleep better

Sleeping well is not always easy. A very popular fruit. would however be an excellent "natural sleeping pill".

Having a bad night or taking time to fall asleep is never pleasant and has repercussions the next day. A few good habits are often recommended to maximize the quality of your work. of your sleep such as turning off the screens an hour before going to bed, maintaining regular bedtimes or even avoiding meals that are too heavy and long & agrave; digest in the evening. 

If that's not enough, eating a particular fruit can help. According to Santosh Pandey, naturopath at the Rejua Energy Center in Mumbai, with Financial express, the richness in tryptophan of a fruit, an amino acid essential associated with &agrav; vitamin B6, allows for the synthesis of serotonin, a brain chemical that regulates sleep, and melatonin, the chemical substance in the brain that regulates sleep. #39;sleep hormone and thus promotes falling asleep. The magnesium contained in this food also plays a role in the relaxation of muscles and the nervous system allowing deeper and more soothing sleep. The specialist believes that this fruit is therefore a "natural sleeping aid".

He nevertheless advises consuming it an hour before bedtime to have time to digest it. The good news is that this fruit is on sale almost all year round and is adored by the French since it is banana. "Bananas are safe to eat outside of your home. any time of the day. But our body's metabolism is at its lowest during the night. You should therefore ideally consume bananas in the morning or evening, but eating bananas in the evening can regulate the sleep cycle, explains the naturopath. It is also recommended, rather for morning consumption, not to eat the banana alone. This fruit is, in fact, acidic and can therefore cause digestive stress if consumed à young. It is therefore preferable to associate it with other foods.

Eating this very common fruit an hour before bed helps you sleep better

The banana has other beneficial effects: it boosts mood. According to the nutritionist, Émeline Bacot , banana is "a source of dopamine, tryptophan and vitamin B6, which have a positive effect on mood", as reported by Top sant&eacute ;. It also helps à reduce blood pressure and thus reduce the risk of hypertension thanks to its richness in potassium. The banana is also the ideal partner against stomach burn.

Unlike à certain preconceived ideas, eating a banana in the evening therefore poses no problem and does not cause weight gain as long as it is consumed within the framework of overall benefit of a balanced diet. However, it should not be eaten at dinner.

Teilor Stone

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