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eBay: the strange business of Starship rocket debris

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The arrival of SpaceX in the space landscape has fascinated the general public. With its spectacular launches and its ultra-bankable boss, SpaceX has become an attraction in just a few years, with its aficionados.

But fans of the brand seem to have reached a new level in cringe in recent days. A few hours after Starship's historic flight, debris from the rocket began to appear on the web.

Internet users had indeed managed to fish out pieces of the rocket, and now these carbon debris ended up on eBay, sold to the highest bidder. On the social network Reddit, a user notably testified that he had found rocket debris during a harmless walk on the Texan beaches, about ten kilometers north of the firing base. from Boca Chica.

As he explains in the comments under his post, this discovery is far from being isolated and he even assures that “ as soon as the Boca Chica area is open to the public” discoveries will multiply.

A very lucrative secondary market

If this user assures that he will not sell his scrap at auction, he also acknowledges having received offers to buy it back. It must be said that the rocket debris market seems to have found its audience.

Thus, many advertisements exist on the eBay resale site. Prices range from $30 for broken or damaged heat shield tiles. This can rise to more than 2000 dollars for more interesting or better preserved pieces.

At the beginning of the week, a tile in very good condition would have been sold, 3395 dollars. When we know that it You have to spend more than 10,000 dollars to send an object into space and recover it, this solution seems almost logical.

Starship  : an ultra-tight schedule

As for SpaceX, the company has not yet made any press release on the plan. emergence of this secondary market. However, the firm would very much like to recover this debris in order to analyze it and better understand Starship's flight conditions.

The rocket must return to the air as quickly as possible, and SpaceX knows it, every piece of information is worth gold. Elon Musk's corporate schedule doesn't allow him to procrastinate. Starship is expected on the Moon in 2026 for the great return of man to our satellite.

By then, the firm will have to demonstrate to NASA that Starship is a safe vessel. Reliable enough for the American space agency to entrust the lives of four astronauts to the company for a historic trip to the Moon.

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