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This simple and free tool allows you to immediately put an end to cold calling

Telephone canvassing is as old as it is annoying. However, there are simple and free solutions to get rid of it.

Who has never experienced this situation: a call from an unknown number. We suspect knowledge that we would not have recorded; the number or a recent contact from whom we are waiting to hear. A person responds to us and offers us a vague insurance contract. Congratulations! You have been é victim of canvassing by telephone.

Many societies get rich on the credulity of people. of their interlocutors by making telephone calls. The primary goal is to offer a service (often by signing a contract) of which the interlocutors have not ;usually not needed, but will automatically renew to deplete your bank account. In the long term, such a commitment can cost you dearly on your savings and often for a service that you will never use, such as bogus insurance.

To combat telephone canvassing, the French government has set up the Bloctel website on which you can enter your number. Companies practicing telephone canvassing must then check whether your number is on this list before calling you. This service may be relatively effective, but it often does not block all of these companies' attempts. There is a more efficient and completely free solution to remedy this problem. that.

This completely free application is called Truecaller. There are several types of applications of this kind, but Truecaller has the best feedback and reviews from its users. With nearly 4.4 stars out of 5 on the Google Play Store, Truecaller has a rather simple and intuitive operation.< /p>

The application automatically filters potential unwanted calls which end up directly in your spam. You can always consult these and re-establish potential false positives that come from your knowledge or services such as a recruiter or an Amazon delivery person.

Also keep in mind that since March 1, 2023, companies practicing telephone canvassing can no longer Use numbers in 06 or 07. This should also help you figure out what to do. distinguish unwanted calls from those that may interest you.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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