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“It’s awkward”: these people who chat with AI about deceased stars

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Last week, during the 2024 South by Southwest event in Austin, Texas, the AI ​​company Soul Machines made an impression by unveiling a digital version of Marilyn Monroe. For the occasion, the company explained:

This is the revolutionary reality of Digital Marilyn, brought to life using Soul Machines' revolutionary Biological AI technology. More than just an impressive impersonation, Digital Marilyn is an autonomous digital person capable of engaging in natural and dynamic conversations that are authentic and responsive.

The company promises, among other things, to engage in fluid and natural conversations that adapt to your interests and that its AI is capable of expressing realistic and nuanced emotions.

A fundamental trend

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Reactions have not always been kind to this initiative. Indeed, certain experts cited by our colleagues at Business Insider believe that this chatbot constitutes “a new exploitation of&# 8217;a woman who has already been exploited during her career”.

But, this experience is fully assumed by Soul Machines which specifies: “Beyond the reimagining of the past: This technology holds immense potential that goes beyond the realm of entertainment. Imagine personalized educational experiences that fit your learning style or AI-powered customer service that understands your needs..

This initiative raises ethical questions about these deceased star AIs. We remember, for example, that last year, Robin Williams' daughter, Zelda, considered that AI recreations of her father's voice were “uncomfortable” .

In any case, this movement seems to be well and truly underway. We spoke to you in September 2023 about Character.ai, this service on which we can chat with AIs of Elon Musk, Napoleon Bonaparte, Albert Einstein, or even Tony Stark and Walter White.

The platform is a hit and according to data dating from a few months ago, it is the second most used AI site in the world, and it captures the equivalent of 20% of ChatGPT traffic. You can always reread our article which goes into more detail about this phenomenon here.

What do you think of these initiatives that allow you to chat with AI about deceased people? Do not hesitate to share your point of view in the comments.

What to remember:

  • A realistic representation of actress Marilyn Monroe was produced
  • This Initiative is criticized
  • The movement however seems well launched and certain services of entertainment is a hit by banking on this concept

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