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EDF: this new offer allows you to reduce your bill

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The government has decided. It will gradually end its health shield on energy. For many French people, it's a cold shower, and households are wondering how to reduce the bill. In this context, EDF presented this Monday, October 16, a new offer called Zen Flex.

Zen Flex, instructions for use

Concretely, the idea is to encourage you to reduce your consumption during peaks in demand. We know that targeted cuts are possible during the winter if energy runs out.

From then on, 345 days a year, you will pay 20% less for your electricity than the regulated rate. And, during “bonus days”, you will be invited to reduce your consumption during peak hours, with a reward. EDF specifies on this subject:

We cannot commit in advance to the number of Bonus Days in the year because they depend on the situation of the electrical system, nor to the amount of the reward (a maximum of a few euros per year). No Bonus Days may be offered in a year.

There will then remain 20 days of so-called “sobriety” during which the cost of full hours will be billed to you at a rate three times higher than the regulated rate. We will have understood, the public company intends to encourage you to drastically reduce your consumption during these fateful days.

A win-win deal?

EDF supports its offer of a partnership with its subsidiary Sowee. The idea is to help you automatically reduce the temperature of electric radiators by 3°C during these “Sobriety Days”. Enough to reduce your electricity bill by 25%, promises the supplier.

Finally, EDF will propose what it calls “Useful Challenges”. This will be a competition aimed again at encouraging you to reduce your consumption. The marathon challenge will take place from November 1, 2023 to February 28, 2024. “Reduce your electricity consumption by 10% compared to last winter. You will be informed by e-mail and/or push notifications of the launch of the Marathon Challenge and the results”, specifies EDF.

As for the sprint challenges, they will take place in December, January and February: “Over short periods, redouble your efforts to try to achieve the set energy savings target.”

If successful, participants can obtain places for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. You can find more information on these competitions on the EDF website.

Have you already heard of this Zen Flex offer, and would you be tempted to subscribe to it? Tell us in the comments.

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