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Tesla's ultimate solution to avoid waiting at superchargers

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Time is precious. But apart from the fact that charging an electric car takes time, the driver also risks having to queue for charging stations. This is why Tesla has offered, for years, a feature that allows you to know if there are free supercharger terminals at a given location. However, as this is not enough, Tesla is now working on a prediction system.

A prediction based on other vehicles

The current system has its limits. Indeed, it is possible that when you decide to go to a charging station, a terminal will be available. But by the time you get there, all the terminals may be busy. Tesla's solution: a prediction algorithm that takes into account your journey to the supercharger, but also the journey of other users.

According to an article from Elektrek, which relays an article from “Not a Tesla App”, a new update proposed by the manufacturer would introduce this prediction system. The algorithm would give an estimate of the waiting time at a station, when the driver arrives, taking into account that other Tesla drivers are also heading towards this station and may arrive before. Optionally, if the driver finds that Tesla's estimated wait time is too long, they may decide to look for another station where they are less likely to wait a long time.

An essential feature

This Tesla update is all the more useful in the United States, as Tesla charging stations are opening up to other manufacturers. Many brands have already announced the adoption of the Tesla charging port.

And for our colleagues at Teslarati, the launch of the prediction system is probably linked to this news. Indeed, as Tesla chargers will be used by more vehicles, the manufacturer must offer solutions to reduce waiting times.

  • Tesla already indicates whether it there are free terminals at its charging stations
  • But it has also developed a prediction system which takes into account the duration of your journey to the terminal (and the journeys of other drivers)
  • This feature can avoid waiting in line, as Tesla opens its network of charging stations to other brands in the United States

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