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Egypt – Ghana: Pharaohs never die, match summary

Despite Salah's premature exit due to injury, Egypt took advantage two individual errors to secure a draw against Ghana, who believed in it thanks to the double; from Kudus (2-2).

Egypt – Ghana: Pharaohs never die, match summary

Egypt 2: 2

Egypt – Ghana: Pharaohs never die, match summary

Ghana Live

Thank you à all and &agrav; everyone for accompanying us to follow this meeting between Egypt and Ghana. The African Cup of Nations continues tomorrow on linternaute.com, notably with the Group C clash between Senegal and Cameroon. 6 p.m.

Egypt – Ghana: Pharaohs never die, match summary

It was a victory that held out its arms to him. Some could have described it as fortunate in view of the content but it would have had the merit of relieving the Black Stars for the rest of the competition. Holder after missing When his team entered the fray against Cape Verde, Kudus showed himself to be a great player. decisive as hoped. First at the end of the first period when in added time, he unleashed a powerful left-footed shot which lodged flush with El-'s left post Shenawy; then &agrav; the 70th minute responding less than 120 after & the equalization full of opportunism from Marmoush, who had benefited from from Inaki Williams's hazardous and risky back pass. Certainly, he had beené helped by the deflection just in front of his goalkeeper Abdelmonem but the Ghanaian star had done more than his part with his double.

It should have been enough but the Black Stars will have failed individually. And after Inaki Williams, it was his replacement Bukari who precipitated the return of the Pharaohs. Entrance &agrav; in the 72nd minute, he only took two minutes to have the ball stolen on the right of his area by Tr&eac;z&eac;guet. The latter then overflowed and led into the axis where the Mohamed came to cut the trajectory accurately to beat Ofori. In five minutes, the meeting got out of hand. Five unbridled minutes far from the tactical and physical battle that had preceded the game. more than an hour and  what followed. Both teams gave their all. and would not succeed in share.

A mixed evening for both nations. If they have come back from nowhere and can see this as a godsend, the Pharaohs, still admirable in their realism and resilience, may have hypothesized that this is not the case. thaté their future since lost Mohamed Salah. Just before the break, the Egyptian captain sat down on the pitch and without effusion began to play. remove his wrist bandage then his armband before leaving the pitch, without us really knowing the nature of his injury. More than a player, Egypt has perhaps lost its guide, the one to whom it turns when everything goes wrong. She will therefore have to reinvent herself and rely on other leaders. the image of Marmoush, the best side of Egyptian this evening.

For its part, Ghana will ruminate for a long time on these two individual errors which reduced negating the efforts of an entire collective. Beaten for his entry into the running, the four-time winner of the event does not take off and finds himself under the threat of a new pre-elimination. eacute;coce à the CAN, as in 2022. The fact remains that the return of Kudus can open up certain prospects for him. Whatever happens, this no one is no one's business, except for Cape Verde, which if it beats Mozambique tomorrow, will be assured of victory. of his ticket for the round of 16.

23:20 – Ghana does not advance

If he hasn't followed up with this, a second defeat in a row, which has never happened to him again; to start a CAN since 1984, Ghana did not succeed in doing so. impose themselves and remain stuck &agrav; last place in Group B with one point, è equality with Mozambique, which plays tomorrow against Cape Verde, still leader with 3 units. Egypt is provisionally second with two points.

23:10 – The reaction of Kudus

"My goal was to help the team. We wanted the three points, everyone did their best but the result is disappointing", reacted & leaving the field Mohamed Kudus, author of a double; and elected man of the match.

Nobody imposes itself this evening &agrav; Abidjan (2-2). Yet in front &agrav; twice thanks to the double; from Kudus, Ghana was unable to maintain its advantage, leadé by two individual errors, and lefté Egypt return à his height in an unequal match.

22:58 – Fear on the Egyptian goal

Jordan Ayew rolls his corner in front of the 6 meters. El-Shenawy misses his exit and behind, Baba pricks his head which rebounds on the skull of an opposing defender.

22:57 – Decisive stop of Ofori

Ashour manages to makes a difference on his control and enters the surface where he opens his right foot. Ofori relaxes well and succeeds in his task. catch the ball &agrav; la 90+6'.

22:52 – Additional time: 7 minutes

There will be seven minutes of added time in this match between Egypt and Ghana.

22:51 – Change for Egypt

In the 89th minute, the very lively Marmoush c&amp ;egrave of his place in favor of Attia, who should come to strengthen the Egyptian midfielder for the last minutes.

22:50 – Double change for Ghana

The Ghanaian coach proceeds to a double replacement &agrav; the 88th minute with the exits of Abdul Samed and Bukari, who entered the game. yet &agrav; the 72nd minute. They give up their places to others. Owusu and Paintsil.

22:49 – Marmoush crosses too much

Served in the axis à 20 meters by Fathi, Marmoush escapes; Abdul Samed, gets in the direction of the game and follows up with a too-cross right shot which passes to the left. left of the goal.

22:48 – Bukari controlled

Side right, Bukari has juice and is looking à overflow in speed. Hamdi judges the situation well and tackles at the right time to counter the Ghanaian cross.

22:46 – The combination is unsuccessful pas

At the right corner of the Ghanaian surface, Fathi and Trézéguet try to combine but the handover first for the second is too long and allows à Salisu to clear his camp.

22:45 – Ashour takes Odoi

Ashour hits and climbs into the area where, having lost the ball, he throws himself on Odoi's shoulder. The referee refuses the penalty that all the Egyptians are demanding from him.

22:44 – Return of Abdul Samed

When he had just been evacuated on a stretcher, Abdul Samed runs back onto the lawn. Just before, Marmoush had attempted to a deviation to the entrance to the area that Salisu had cleared; without care.

22:43 – Abdel Samed injuredé !

After Salah in the first period, it's the turn of Abdel Samed to take the lead. apos;sit on the lawn. In the central circle, the Lensois midfielder indicates that he is suffering from his left leg. He is evacuated on the stretcher.

22:40 – Mensah clears his camp

From the side left, Hamdi rolls in a too strong cross which goes beyond the goal. from the second post where Mensah controls his chest and releases with his left foot.

22:37 – Cool break

As in the first period, after 30 minutes, the referee grants a cool-down break for allow players to quench their thirst. Indeed, despite late at night, it's still 28 degrees outside. Abidjan.

This match is getting completely crazy. Egypt is catching up again on a new individual Ghanaian error. On the right of its surface, Bukari, just entered; in play, has the ball stolen by Tr&eac;z&eac;guet. The latter grows up to 6 meters and sets back è Mohamed who slides the ball under Ofori with his toe.

22:34 – New change in Ghana

Just after the second goal from Kudus, the Ghanaian coach took out Inaki Williams for Bukari.

A few moments after the euphoria of Marmoush's goal, the Egyptians were overtaken by reality. Continued à one key played near the corner post à right, Odoi finds Kudus who enters the area. Not attacked, he applies himself and rolls up his ball with his right. Abdelmonem deflects the shot which deceives El-Shenawy. Ghana took back control less than two minutes after the Egyptian equalizer.

Under the pressure of Trézéguet à right, Inaki Williams plays back towards his goalkeeper but does not see that Marmoush is there; in the axis too. The Egyptian shows his speed, seizes the ball, goes around Ofori and equalizes from the left to the left. the 70th.

22:29 – Elneny replaced

At the 67th minute, the Egyptian coach chose an offensive option to try to equalize. He takes out Elneny, pillar of his midfield, to replace him with the offensive Trézéguet.

22: 26 – Semenyo too alone

In a full-back position right, Williams takes charge of clearing his camp. Kudus improves the ball into a bell and puts it in space à right for Semenyo's race. In the duel with Hegazy, he manages to win. enter the box from the right before hitting à level with the ground on the left. El-Shenawy picks up without problem.

22:26 – Marmoush unscrews

On his left wing, Marmoush takes advantage of his liveliness to refocus and deliver a right strike that escapes him. right.


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