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Who is Fayza Lamari, Kylian Mbappé's mother and what is the role of the association ?

Fayza Lamari has become a very influential person in the world of football.

A mother has, most of the time, a primordial role in education, learning and development development of her child. Fayza Lamari, mother of Kylian Mbapp&eac;, is one of these mothers. Very protective, she has been in the shadow of her son for years, leaving the light to the captain of the French team or even &agrav; Wilfrid, the father, from whom she has been separated since 2020.

When sending Senté Special broadcast this Thursday, January 18 on the channels of France 2, Fayza Lamari gives a long interview to talk about her son, his role and daily life, but above all about the association “Inspired by Kylian Mbapp", the only thing that interests him. A broadcast extracté by Le Parisien shows her ruthlessness in negotiations with her son. "I told him: 'below 30 %, I don't do it! I'm retiring and doing like everyone else: I'm going on vacation to the Maldives, but I'm not working for you!'" According to her, 30% of the profits generated by the 2018 world champion's companies are donated to the 2018 world champion. oacute;s &agrav; IBKM. "At the beginning, I told him it was 50/50 but we discussed it. and we fellé &agrav; 30".

What is the aim of the association ?

The association "Inspired by Kylian Mbappé" was é created in 2020 by Kylian Mbapp; and his loved ones. The latter helps 98 young people in particular. accomplish their professional dream behind the leitmotif “learn, understand, share and transmit”. It regularly organizes courses or cultural and sporting outings, among others. For the little anecdote, "98" is a wink eyelig;at  his year of birth but also the first star of the Blues. “What the companyé did for me, I always felt indebted. I was one of the privileged ones, I was able to make my passion my profession. I didn't create this the association to delegate. I want to invest as much as possible. Football is essential, depending on the matches, I can free myself. But even if I'm not there, like at the children's integration weekend, I'm all, I knew what they were doing in time real! " had explained &agrav; the Kylian Mbapp era during the presentation of the association.

She regrets the violence of the remarks towards her son

If she is the first to go be critical of your son as when the latter qualified Neymar from "tramp", Fayza Lamari regrets the violence of the remarks towards his son as soon as something goes well like after his penalty wolfé face &agrav; Switzerland during the last Euro. "It's the mother who intervenes. He's 22, he's going to make mistakes, but he didn't deserve everything that happened to him. So there, I go out like a wolf.

Very powerful agent

She manages her son's playing career with his father. Fayza Lamari is now a name in the industry and she doesn't hesitate to do anything. speak directly to the presidents of major clubs An article in The Athletic showed Kylian Mbapp's mother as "respectful but totally uncompromising" in negotiations with Real in 2022. "She understood everything. She has no experience as an agent, but she is very smart in life. She listens and, if she understands the other person's arguments, she appreciates them and knows how to let herself be guided. She has a lawyer (Delphine Verheyden) who explains everything to her and she sets the strategy" explains à at the time a close relative participating in the negotiations. In order to validate this new lifestyle, she launchedé its consulting and support agency to manage the image of athletes but also their careers. His sons Kylian and Ethan, but also the Lyonnais Rayan Cherki are managed by this agency before perhaps other famous sportsmen.

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